Orban is becoming like Putin: in order to recover frozen funds, he blocked a huge EU aid package for Ukraine

At a meeting of EU finance ministers held in Brussels, Budapest followed through on its threat not to agree to a total of 18 billion euros. EU support package for war-torn Ukraine for 2023. Much-needed aid to Kyiv is one of several initiatives Budapest is stalling as it faces a $13 billion bailout. Freezing of … Read more

Volodymyr Zelensky became the person of the year according to the Financial Times

We remind you that V. Zelenskiy refused to leave the country after the start of a large-scale Russian attack on Ukraine and stayed to fight against the aggressor’s forces together with the country’s population and the army. For more than 9 months, the president of Ukraine has been appearing before the nation daily with his … Read more

“Best of the best”: Ukrainians shoot down Ka-52 helicopter with two elite Russian pilots

Both pilots of the Russian helicopter shot down on December 4 were killed, the Ukrainian military confirmed. According to the Ukrainians, the aircraft was shot down by soldiers of the Dnipro Air Defense Brigade. Russian war correspondents declare that “these were the best of the best.” The Boroda crew was the most productive of the … Read more

The Ukrainians struck a blow: an officer of the Russian special forces was killed

Anatoliy Stefan, an officer of the Ukrainian Armed Forces, claimed that the liquidation of the Russian occupier was reported by Russian propagandists who consider themselves “military commissars”. According to preliminary data, M. Samorukova was killed in Maryyinka, Donetsk region. Russian propagandists are not silent and claim that allegedly M. Samorukova died heroically while evacuating wounded … Read more

A big fire broke out in Moscow: got smoke in the wrong place again?

NEXTA released the video, with the caption saying that the building of the Mikoyan meat factory caught fire. Emergency services are reportedly on the scene. Another fire in #Moscow – the building of the Mikoyan Meat-Processing Plant is on fire Apparently they like to smoke in the wrong places. pic.twitter.com/yV8dyjernm — NEXTA (@nexta_tv) December 2, … Read more

Visvaldas Matijošaitis will compete for a third term as mayor of Kaunas

“I am a principled person. I never take steps lightly, and in this case I feel a great responsibility to at least a third of a million inhabitants. So I decided to ask my employers – the people of Kaunas – for the last time, can we continue to work? I invite everyone to express … Read more

Zelensky hinted at plans for the occupiers: “We are preparing a countermeasure – even more powerful than now”

“The main problems are Donetsk region, Luhansk region, Kharkiv region, Zaporizhia region, Kherson region, Crimea, frontline territories and the border of our state. We are analyzing the intentions of the occupiers and are preparing a countermeasure – even more powerful than now,” says V. Zelenskis. The President of Ukraine also spoke about energy problems. “We … Read more

Tragedy in Varėna district: a minibus ran over a man lying on the road

Today at 7:43 p.m. A Mercedes Benz minibus ran over a man lying on the road in the Varėna district, in the village of Naujjės Valkininkai, reports the General Helpline. Alytus county fire rescue forces were sent to the scene, information about the incident was transferred to Kaunas county emergency medical station, Alytus county chief … Read more

An oil storage facility is on fire in Russia

The governor of the Bryansk region reports that oil product storage facilities are on fire in the Suraz district. 80 firefighters and 30 fire engine brigades, including a fire engine train, are working at the scene. There are no reports of casualties. According to the rescuers, 1.8 thousand are burning. sq. m. area. According to … Read more

There is a huge fire at the Perm power station: a cloud of black smoke is rising over the city

The fire broke out in the Perm power plant (TEC-9) on the morning of November 30. Local residents interviewed by “Readovka” announce that “something is burning on the roof of one of the workshops.” According to unofficial data, 500 workers were evacuated. Mash reports that at least two people were injured in the fire at … Read more