Hand in hot French fries, sear your finger on a hot hotplate: Flemish top chefs respond to a hallucinatory report on star restaurants | Exclusively for subscribers

“To keep a breaded hand in the fryer for the longest time: only if you endure that, you are cut from the right stuff to make it yourself later as a top chef.” Researchers at Cardiff University collected anonymous testimonials from the kitchens of star restaurants for six years and made shocking findings. What about … Read more

New York Opens Affordable Housing Rental Lottery Exclusively For Seniors | Univision 41 New York WXTV

875 4 Avenue Apartments Departments available: 45. 6 Studios, 29 with one bedroom and 10 with two bedrooms. Location: 875 4th Avenue, Brooklyn Income: $53,143 to $187,330 per year. income range: From $1,473 to $2,975 dollars. registration closings: February 20 How to apply? To request an application form, send a prepaid mail with your details … Read more

“3 to 4 cups of coffee a day should be possible”: but what exactly does caffeine do to your body? Dietitian separates facts from myths | Exclusively for subscribers

For many people, a cup of coffee in the morning is indispensable. One says they need the caffeine as a boost, the other becomes nervous and restless. How does that coffee affect our body? And can you really be addicted to it? Dietitian Michaël Sels separates facts from fables. “People who were given decaffeinated coffee … Read more

REPORT. The whole village mourns after CO drama in which half of the family dies: “How to proceed with the rest… No one knows” | Exclusively for subscribers

The CO drama at a family in Hooglede affects the entire municipality. Father Marnick (44) and his offspring were well known in the area. Dismay now prevails among family and friends. “It’s not fair. Such brave people. And he has to pay for that now,” says Marnick’s mom. Esther De Leebeeck 17-01-23, 09:00 Latest update: … Read more

Stéphane will leave the show later than expected, here is the new date exclusively!

How will Stéphane be eliminated from the 12 strokes of noon ? We revealed it to you some time ago, Stéphane will be eliminated this week. Before returning to the exact dates of his expulsion from the game, let’s go back to the context of his elimination. It is during the step by step that … Read more

HBO Max will lose some series, they will be exclusively on the new streaming service SkyShowtime – AVmania.cz

Streaming service SkyShowtime has announced that it has acquired the exclusive European rights to 21 local series from Warner Bros. Discovery, including some popular shows that are still on HBO Max. Financial terms were not disclosed. In total, SkyShowtime will get 168 episodes from the deal, i.e. more than 150 hours of new and previously … Read more

[Toyota Prius New Model]Hardware can be updated, and a new grade set exclusively for subscriptions at a lower price than before | Response (Response.jp)

FIFTHwas released by Toyota on January 10th.New Prius (HEV)about,subscription servicestarted accepting applications for The new Prius (HEV) is available in four grades: 2.0-liter models “Z” and “G” and 1.8-liter models “X” and “U.” Of these, the U grade is set as the first of the new subscription service “KINTO Unlimited” launched by Toyota and KINTO, … Read more

Record number of Belgians changed their name in 2022, Sebastiaan (47) also wants that: “Every time I hear my last name, I feel the pain” | Exclusively for subscribers

Never before have so many people had their first or last name changed as in 2022. 5,104 Belgians changed their first name last year, 1,120 compatriots chose a new last name. The increase is the result of a relaxed procedure. “I have an appointment at the town hall to change my last name,” says Sebastiaan. … Read more

They discover plankton that feed exclusively on viruses: they can grow in fresh water | Technology

Scientists discovered the first organism that feeds on viruses. It is a type of plankton that grows in fresh water. researchers of the University of Nebraska discovered a type of plankton that grows in fresh water that feeds exclusively on viruses. This would be the first organism with this capacity and although its effects in … Read more