Apple sells this smart bottle exclusively in the Apple Store, with connection to HealthKit and the Apple Watch

Do you always forget to drink water? applications like WaterMinder don’t work for you? Well, maybe you like this other new solution that is beginning to be sold in the Apple Store: the water bottles that integrate with the Apple Health app. With them the effort to record the amount of water we drink is … Read more

Ice Hockey World Cup 2022 | The Czechia instead of Russia? Hockey boss Král exclusively about the organization of the World Cup and about the reactions to the aggressor

That solution would be offered. The Czech Republic has a knock on hosting the World Championship in 2024, ie after nine years, when the most prestigious tournament was played in Prague and Ostrava. “No one has yet approached us with an offer to take over the championship in 2023 instead of Russia. If that happened, … Read more

Need for Speed: Next racing game exclusively for new consoles?

It’s no longer a big secret that a new installment in the Need for Speed ​​racing game series has long been in the works. Players on the last-gen consoles could then go away empty-handed. If you believe a new rumor, then the next Need for Speed ​​will no longer appear for the last console generation … Read more

Conte after the hearing at Copasir: “The 2020 Russian mission was exclusively health care. Our apparatuses were constantly vigilant”

“I asked to be at Copasir immediately auditedbecause whoever has or has had institutional positions has themoral obligation to answer for their actions in transparency. I made it clear that the Russian mission developed exclusively in terms of health aid in a time of great difficulty in which we lacked masks, respirators and other protective … Read more

Exclusively Prince Royce and María Becerra confess why they chose each other and fell in love with their connection

What is between them? What brought you together being so far away, without knowing each other and singing such different genres? A few days before that the singer-songwriter announced that he was divorcing Emeraude Toubia, in exclusive Prince Royce and María Becerra confess why they chose each other and fell in love with their connection. … Read more

MSI and Ubisoft Exclusively Collaborate on Crosshair 15 “Rainbow Six: Escape from the Forbidden Zone” Limited Edition Laptop Limited Edition | XFastest News

MSI, the world’s leading e-sports, creative and business laptop brand, launched a new high-performance laptop powered by the latest 12th Gen Intel ® Core™ H-series processors in January this year. Now, MSI has announced that the Crosshair 15 “Rainbow Six: Evacuation from the Forbidden Zone” limited edition laptop, which is exclusively created by MSI and … Read more

Belgian castle lady in Scotland has been refusing to pay a job bill of 278 euros for 25 years and has now lost a castle of 3.6 million euros | Exclusively for subscribers

After refusing to pay an invoice of 278 euros 25 years ago, the Belgian owner of the impressive Scottish castle Knockderry Castle has now been thrown out of there manu militari. Although the outstanding amount had risen to 36,302 euros due to all kinds of interests and 1.2 million euros in legal debts had been … Read more

ZOH 2022 | I apologize to the people! Door frame exclusively about web failure, hockey myth and spectator criticism

Beijing (from our rapporteur) – Záruba also explains the rules of sub-licensing, due to which public television cannot broadcast everything it would ideally imagine from the games. How do you set the rules for the collision of sports with an interesting Czech track? Before the start of the games, we knew about six collisions and … Read more

Maker of Subway Surfers Launches MetroLand Game Exclusively on Huawei AppGallery

It’s an interesting time for Huawei’s AppGallery Android app store, as a new game has been added there – not only that, it’s an exclusive you can’t find anywhere else. We are talking about MetroLand, of Kiloo, co-developer and publisher of the very successful game Subway Surfers between 2012 and 2020. Kiloo selected AppGallery for … Read more