Cagliari evaluates Mazzarri’s exemption: problems with the environment, Liverani already in the city | First page

Four consecutive defeats, last place in the standings with only one victory in twelve championship days. The knockout with Atalanta hurts Cagliari, because it affects an already very complicated situation. With a struggling environment, a flawed team and Walter Mazzarri who struggles to keep everything under control. DISCONTINUED – The former Napoli and Inter coach … Read more

no exemption for the unvaccinated, Djokovic back to the wall

The state of Victoria, whose capital Melbourne will host the Australian Open in January, on Wednesday ruled out granting a special exemption to unvaccinated players to participate in the tournament, which could exclude the competition from the tournament. title holder and world No. 1 Novak Djokovic. “We exclude unvaccinated people from pubs, cafes, restaurants and … Read more

Elks GM Brock Sunderland issued vaccine medical exemption

EDMONTON — The Edmonton Elks say general manager Brock Sunderland is medically exempt from a team policy requiring staff to be fully vaccinated against COVID-19. The club issued a statement Wednesday saying the exemption was granted following consultations with multiple physicians. It did not offer any details on Sunderland’s health. The statement says every member … Read more

The NBA rejects Andrew Wiggins’ request for a religious exemption from the COVID-19 vaccine

Greenberg, New York-NBA rejected Andrew WigginsRequest a waiver of vaccination, so that the Golden State Warriors offensive players are not eligible to participate in home games until they meet San Francisco’s vaccination requirements. The ruling was announced on Friday after the New York Knicks announced that their entire lineup had been vaccinated, making all their … Read more

The Euroleague has granted an exemption to the Monaco club to play in the old arena / News

The Monaco team, which will make its debut in the Euroleague, received good news from the tournament management. L’Equipe reports that the club has received temporary permission to play a home game at the old Gaston Medecin arena, in which the team invested several million euros last summer, but it still does not meet the … Read more

“Polar War Howl 3” Receipt Limit Exemption Issues? The official recommendation is to use Ubisoft Connect | 4Gamers

To celebrate the coming of “Polar War Howling 6”, Ubisoft generously released the “Far Cry 3” Standard Edition (Far Cry 3) for a limited time free of charge, but after yesterday’s announcement, many players were unable to receive the game smoothly. The problem can be solved through Ubisoft Connect. Normally, just log in to Ubisoft … Read more

Ferrari or ‘Lambo’ want an exemption from the ban on internal combustion engines. This was confirmed by the Minister – Magazine – Car

The transition to electric motors is more challenging for supersport manufacturers than with mainstream brands. They would like to delay. Photo: Lamborghini Lamborghini – V12 engine Italian supersports manufacturers are trying to exempt the internal combustion engine exemption. While electrical technology will not be suitable for them. We will no longer ban the production of … Read more

Professor without Green Pass is back in class, his exemption accepted “with reserve”

After being out of school for two days, today Professor Giuseppe Pantaleo is back in class. On the third attempt to take up service without the Green Pass, presenting a vaccination exemption certificate deemed by the substitute teacher, the manager “was convinced with reserve”, explains the French teacher of the Curie-Levi institute in Turin who … Read more

The Italians want an exemption from the ban on burners for Ferrari and Lamborghini

The country is home to several manufacturers of exclusive supersports, which are produced in much smaller series than models of conventional cars. However, their electrification will be more difficult, which is why the Italians want an exception. The end of internal combustion engines in Europe has been talked about for a long time, but no … Read more