Sports and Mental Health: Can Exercise Cure Depression?

It is now a consolidated concept that the practice of physical exercise brings with it numerous benefits. But what if these adaptations concerned not only the general physical aspect but also the psychic one? Let’s see together what science says about it Andrea Bulgheroni – Noritura November 30th People who play sports are often told … Read more

EXERCISE: Its practice by parents optimizes the metabolism of children

Lead author Kristin Stanford, a physiology and cell biology researcher at Ohio State University, and Laurie Goodyear of the Joslin Diabetes Center and Harvard Medical School conducted this study in mice, with the goal of evaluating how their lifestyle including the intake of fatty vs healthy foods and the influence of exercise vs sedentary lifestyle, … Read more

Starting to exercise when you are older and after a sedentary life: 5 tips to get you started

There is a mountain of evidence on the benefits of regular physical exercise for physical and mental health: It has been proven that it helps prevent chronic non-communicable diseases (cardiovascular, diabetes and some types of cancer, among others), decreases symptoms of anxiety and depression y strengthens the immune system. In summary: helps to live longer … Read more

Accounts on the sustainability of pensions are an “exercise in budgetary illusion”, argues economist Jorge Bravo

The accounts presented annually by Social Security which conclude that, sometime in the 2030s, the pension system begins to run a deficit, making it necessary to activate the pension cushion, are an “exercise in budgetary illusion”: the deficit has existed for a long time, but it has not been assumed. And the formula for calculating … Read more

[Delfi trumpai] The Finnish army released a photo of the exercise: how many soldiers do you see?

Soldiers dressed in winter-colored uniforms are surprisingly difficult to spot in the winter landscape. How many pioneers do you see in the picture? #army #contio22 #pioneer — Maavoimat (@Maavoimat) November 28, 2022 Twitter users speculated that the number of soldiers could be between three and eight. We present below Finnish army published answer. Four … Read more

Recommend 10 Apple Watch bands which are good in 2022 for exercise and general use. comfortable to wear all day

Recommend 10 Apple Watch bands which are good in 2022 for exercise and general use. comfortable to wear all day After the latest Apple Watch has been released, such as the new Apple Watch SE, Apple Watch Series 8 and the extreme model Apple Watch Ultra that comes with new strap styles. In order to … Read more

“Exercise hormone irisin improves Parkinson’s disease”

Dr. Jingun Bae Exercising makes your body healthier and makes you feel better. This is because aerobic exercise exerts the same effect as an antidepressant. It is well known that exercise has a positive effect on brain health. Exercising lowers your chances of developing dementia. How do these specific effects of exercise come about? Irisin, … Read more

The fighter exercise that provoked the Russians last year will be twice as large

Every other year since 2013, the air forces of Norway, Sweden and Finland have jointly organized the Arctic Challenge Exercise (ACE). The sixth edition of the fighter exercise is now being planned, which will also now take place in our shared airspace in the north, writes Technical Weekly. As it stands now, a total of … Read more

At 51, the muse of the 90s keeps fit with a board; learn exercise – 11/26/2022

At 51 years old and with four children, model Broke Burke, considered a muse in the 1990sdraws attention on social media for her defined body and sculpted belly. In an interview with the Daily Mail website, the American says that one of the “secrets” to keeping fit is to do a plank challenge, proposed in … Read more