Turkey declares another Navtex for a shooting exercise in the Eastern Mediterranean

Turkey continues with determination its seismic studies and the training of its units in the Eastern Mediterranean. After the interception of the Greek fighter planes by the Turkish F-16s to prevent the attempt to approach the area of Navtex, Ankara has taken another step by declaring a new Navtex in the Eastern Mediterranean. Accordingly, a … Read more

Physical exercise with the rope helps you lose weight

With the closed gyms and the number of infected por covid-19 on the rise, mens and women They have turned to simple implements to keep fit inside the house. In that list is the rope The rope, for its multiple Benefits. Also because it is easy to save and it is relatively economic. Drinking Spinoza, … Read more

Freixenet closed in 2019 the best year of the last decade | Companies

The Freixenet group closed last year with significant growth in its profit figures. According to the balance sheet of the Catalan cava and wine manufacturer, the activity of its operations reported a total of 12.4 million euros of net profit, which the shareholders decided to fully increase their reserves. The figure represents an important growth … Read more

Who said that increased activity and increased consumption would bring well-being and happiness?

Movement was associated with progress: science and technology, production, consumption. Travel and tourism were booming. The distances and the times were shortened in the speed of the communications that globalized information, tendencies, ideology. Success was measured in the ability to summon crowds that, one next to the other, shared a recital, a sporting event, a … Read more

Betting on exercise in the midst of a pandemic: they invested in March and thus prepare for the return to training

Rodolfo Hyland and Mauricio Lobato created a new space for exercise and body well-beingIn March, the arrival of the coronavirus in Argentina and the world unfolded a new panorama. In the first place, citizens stopped different activities to avoid the contagion and spread of the virus. Also, some sectors were forced to close their doors … Read more

Raid for illegal practice of medicine: he sold sodium chlorite against the coronavirus

Within the framework of an investigation for illegal exercise of medicine and violation of mandatory isolation measures, carried out by the PCyF 21 Prosecutor’s Office in charge of Dr. Paulo Gaspani, the Investigation Corps Judicial carried out a raid on an apartment located at 1300 Bartolomé Miter Street in the City. .

High intensity physical exercise in childhood and adolescence can improve bone health in adulthood

If I go out we know by now that doing physical exercise is beneficial at all ages, including childhood. A few months ago a first study found that HIIT, and not just team sports, helped improve children’s health. Now, new research published in the journal JAMA Network Open finds that high intensity exercises in childhood … Read more

Greeks military exercise, Erdogan warns of ‘ruin’ | Abroad

The report comes as tensions between Greece and Turkey have risen over an area in the eastern Mediterranean. The two NATO countries are on a collision course as they both search for oil and gas in disputed waters around Crete and Cyprus. Athens reported that the military exercises will last three days. The four countries … Read more