National Guard exercises will be held in Aizkraukle region

From June 3 to 4, the 55th Infantry Battalion of the 3rd Latgale Brigade of the National Guard will take place in the territory of Daudzeva Parish, Aizkraukles County national guard planned training. The aim of the training is to improve and maintain military skills and abilities for effective operation in the area, promoting mutual … Read more

Warning to Beijing! The US and Canadian navies conducted combat exercises in the Taiwan Strait ᐉ News from – World

A U.S. and Canadian warship passed through the Taiwan Strait today in a rare joint mission in the nerve-wracking sea lane, the U.S. Navy said, amid heightened tensions between Beijing and Washington over China’s claims to the self-governing, democratic island. quoted by BTA. The American guided-missile destroyer USS Chung-Hoon and the Canadian frigate HMCS Montreal … Read more

Standard exercises option to buy Unionist Ilyes Ziani, 19

Standard announced on Wednesday that it had exercised the option to purchaseElias Zianiwho signed up for two seasons, with one more season optional, with the Liège club. The 19-year-old winger arrived on the banks of the Meuse last summer in the form of a loan with an option to buy from Union Saint-Gilloise. This season, … Read more

The Ukrainians finished the exercises. The soldiers bid them farewell with tears in their eyes

During the farewell to the Ukrainians who came to exercise in Spain, their colleagues could not hold back their tears. The video of the touching moment was posted on social media. As part of the European mission in Spain, a total of 2,000 recruits from Ukraine are to be trained by the end of the … Read more

Near Ventspils, mines are detonated during military exercises

International military exercises called “Open Spirit 2023” are ending today in the Baltic Sea. This week, ten ships and six diving units are sharing their experience in finding and neutralizing mines sunk in the sea in the territorial waters of Latvia. It is known that at least 59 explosive objects were neutralized during the exercises. … Read more

“Solar Eclipse” military exercises concluded at the Ādaži and Škėda landfills / Article

The purpose of the training was to train and improve the cooperation of Latvian units and the allied armed forces, to plan and manage military operations, as well as to practice the execution of tactical tasks. Allies from the armed forces of Estonia, the United States and Poland also participated in the exercise. Combat firing … Read more

Born, massive exercises in Estonia. What changes on Ukraine, notice to Russia – Il Tempo

US troops mount an airborne assault. British Marines make a night landing on the beach. French paratroopers drop from the sky after flying across Europe. In Estonia, on NATO’s eastern border, allied exercises in the shadow of Russia’s war against Ukraine. The message to Moscow is clear. “He says that on short notice we can … Read more

RCB Alert. Russia and Belarus use Anakonda-23 exercises

The Government Security Center reported that Russian and Belarusian propaganda uses the Anakonda-23 exercises “to build a false image of Poland as an aggressive state.” According to the pro-Kremlin narrative, these maneuvers are to be a form of preparation for “drawing Poland into the war and reducing Poles to the role of cannon fodder.” Anaconda-23 … Read more

3 ingenious power exercises for the abdomen

This is how abdominal muscle training becomes really effective 1. Perform exercises in a controlled manner In order to achieve the best possible results, it is important that you perform all exercises properly and pay attention to controlled breathing. Read more: Fitness 2023: This simple breathing technique optimizes every workout >> 2. Set new training … Read more