Exhilarating! Scientists Develop New Method of Early Detection of Tsunamis

ZONABANTEN.com – For scientist is said to have found method which will be further developed to detect tsunami faster. The find predicts a warning sign tsunami can be detected earlier than sea level rise through magnetic field which it produces. Findings about the possibility of being detected tsunami This earlier was published by Zhiheng Lin, … Read more

Exhilarating Exhibition of Xi Jinping-Winnie The Pooh Pictures, China is Furious!

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Shanghai-born artist Badiucao holds a provocative art exhibition against Chinese President Xi Jinping’s government. This immediately angered Chinese officials. Yet for the opposition artist, who has lived in exile in Australia since 2009, the quarrels and anger from the Chinese side came as little surprise to him. “It’s almost impossible (to) … Read more

The Left Bank releases an exhilarating and motivating video for the song “Raise Your Hands”

The song “Raise Your Hands” is currently the most listened to song, which has already reached 100,000 listeners on YouTube without a video. The performers of the song are Left Bank rappers – Kaiser, Elf and Dennis. The music was accompanied by Kaiser and Pēteris Upelnieks, but the song was recorded and post-processed by “Punkts … Read more

Marvel unveils intriguing and exhilarating first images from the What If …?

Just under a week before the series’ first season finale airs Loki, Disney unveils, this Thursday, July 8, the first trailer for the most recent series from Marvel Studios entitled What If…?. An overview that you can discover at the bottom of the article. As the title suggests, the vibrantly styled new animated series takes … Read more