There are more and more exile squats in Brussels

During a recent census, Samusocial, the regional emergency aid system for homeless people, listed around ten squats in the territory of Brussels. In Saint-Josse, the squat of asylum seekers is a political gesture All the occupants are not necessarily asylum seekers in default of reception, but the field teams note that the saturation of the … Read more

Open world survival RPG “Conan’s Exile” PS4 traditional Chinese version released the latest update “Age of Sorcery Chapter 3” “CONAN EXILES”

H2 Interactive announced that the open world survival role-playing game “Conan Exiles” developed by Funcom has released the latest update “Age of Sorcery Chapter 3” for the traditional Chinese version of PS4 today (3/15) 《Conan’s Exile“is an online multiplayer survival game based on the kingdom of “Conan the Barbarian” (Conan the Barbarian, another translation: King’s … Read more

Lukashenko opponent in exile: Tichanovskaya sentenced to 15 years in prison

Monday 06 March 2023 Lukashenko opponent in exile Tikhanovskaya sentenced to 15 years in prison “Trial is a farce”: Lukashenko’s adversary Tichanovskaya fled to Lithuania. (Foto: picture alliance/dpa/KEYSTONE) Many Belarusians see her as the real winner in the 2020 vote. Tichanovskaya, who fled into exile, is now being sentenced to 15 years in prison. The … Read more

Russia, with his friend Medvedchuk now Putin wants to launch the Ukrainian government into exile

MOSCA – To see him in a jacket and shirt, under the light of the TV spotlights Rtit’s almost hard to recognize the prisoner slumped in a chair, disheveled and bedraggled, in handcuffs and camouflage, exhibited last April by Kiev like a trophy in front of the television cameras. Viktor Medvedchuk“Putin’s number one man in … Read more

The Daniel Ortega regime condemns the first family of a political exile from Nicaragua | International

A man with chains in his hands and a Nicaraguan flag participates in a mass for the release of political prisoners.Jorge Torres (efe) The wife, daughter and son-in-law of Nicaraguan opposition member Javier Álvarez were sentenced on January 18 by the courts of Daniel Ortega and Rosario Murillo for the crimes of “conspiracy” and “propagation … Read more

A Liège man who had gone into exile in England goes from the status of European “most wanted” for acts of rape to that of completely cleared

******************** *** *** ********** ************ ********* *********** **** ** ** ****** ********** * ** ********* ******** ** ** * * ******** ******** ** ******************** ********* ** ****** ********** *** *** **** *** ** ****** ***** ************** ** *** ************* ******** ***** ** ***** ************ ** ******* ** ** ****** ***** ** *********** ** *********** ******** … Read more

“I wasted money in exile”: Andrey Makarevich sounds the alarm

A popular artist and his friends became victims of criminals. The musician honestly spoke about the situation in his microblog. Subscribe and read Express Newspaper at: 69-year-old Andrei Makarevich (recognized as a foreign agent by the decision of the Ministry of Justice of the Russian Federation) does not hide the fact that moving to Israel … Read more

The Venezuelan opposition reinvents itself with a Parliament in exile with little room for maneuver | International

Juan Guaidó leaves this 2023 from the management team of the Venezuelan opposition. After the end of the interim government on December 30, by vote of the majority parties that withdrew their support, a rather fragmented opposition tries to recompose itself in the continuation of the National Assembly with an opposition majority, elected in 2015, … Read more