Gadgets from the future already exist. Found fantastic examples

A car that can change color Photo: BMW At the CES-2022 consumer electronics show in Las Vegas, BMW presented the BMW iX electric crossover that can change color. Thanks to the technology of electronic ink E-Ink, the body changes color at the touch of a button. E-Ink panels are similar to those used in e-books. … Read more

What technologies will exist in 2030? – Europa Newspaper

Lhe technology has experienced an upward progression in recent years, giving way to multiple innovations. The latter, some more wonderful than the other, unfortunately will not all be able to survive time. Only some of them will continue to make the news given their timelessness. Find here the technologies that will still exist in 2030! … Read more

Medvedev said that Ukraine may not exist in two years – World –

The puppet of Russian dictator Vladimir Putin makes no secret of his desire to destroy Ukraine. Former Russian President and current head of the Security Council Dmitry Medvedev burst out with a new statement about the genocide of Ukrainians i questioned the existence of Ukraine on the world map in two years. About this he … Read more

Recent evidence suggests “Wandering black holes” do exist, travel around the Milky Way Galaxy – BBC News Thai

1 hour ago It is highly likely that this mysterious object may be one of a stellar black hole or a small, hard-to-detect black hole. because it exists and orbits alone in the darkness Previously, astronomers expected Such types of black holes may exist in more than 100 million in our galaxy. image source, NASA … Read more

It was a difficult day for bitcoin holders: such low prices did not exist in 18 months

The price of the world’s most popular cryptocurrency has fallen by about 10% since the start of the trading session in London. up to $ 24,692. This level was last seen in December 2020. Global stock markets have been declining since Friday, when data showed U.S. annual inflation peaked in four decades, heightening worries about … Read more

They were the richest football club in the world, now they cease to exist. The fall of the soccer ball

Cameroonian Samuel Eto’o, Brazilians: Roberto Carlos, Willian, French Lassana Diarra or the Russian national team: Denisov, Kokorin and Yuri Zhirkov – these are the most famous players who played for Anzhi in 2010-2014. The team was led by a famous trainer Guus Hiddink. Watch the video Why do footballers earn so much? Kamil Grosicki will … Read more

Impossible to Realize, The Party’s Supporting Capacity Doesn’t Exist

JAKARTA, – General Chair of Pro Jokowi (Projo) Budi Arie Setiadi admits there is a proposal to pair the Governor of Central Java Pranowo reward and the Governor of DKI Jakarta as a pair of presidential and vice presidential candidates in the upcoming 2024 Presidential Election. Budi said that the general chairman of the … Read more

“I am disabled after the vaccine, but for the state I don’t exist”

The dramatic story of Roberto Sciotta, a road hauler from the Gargano overwhelmed last June 9 by a wave of adverse vaccine reactions: fibromyalgia, Raynaud’s phenomenon, connective tissue disease, cutaneous vasculitis, Sjogren’s syndrome and scleroderma, all ascertained: “There are days that I am afraid of dying, it is not easy to be near me when … Read more

Olympics, Sports | Norwegian sports are heading straight into a new Olympic tangle. You can not reuse facilities that do not exist

The comments expresses the writer’s opinions. (Northern Norwegian debate): – The time for the Olympics is hereit was on the screen Mina Gerhardsen appeared before the leadership meeting of the Norwegian Sports Confederation in Tromsø on Saturday. Since November, Gerhardsen has led a committee that concludes that Norwegian sports are positive about undertaking to host … Read more

Apple announces that the iPod will cease to exist

The company Apple, Inc., which designs and produces electronic equipment, software and online services, announced that its iPod product will no longer be produced and its latest version, which is the iPod touch will be available while supplies last. The American company claimed that all Apple products already have the experience of bringing the music … Read more