Exitpoll Belarus: ‘unsurprisingly’ profit for Lukashenko

Lukashenko has been in power in the country since 1994. He has won all presidential elections since then by a large majority and has been nicknamed ‘Europe’s last dictator’. According to the exit poll, the leader would get 79.9% of the vote this time. Opposition underestimated This year there was a serious rival candidate for … Read more

Exitpoll in Belarus predicts overwhelming victory for Lo …

According to the first exit poll, Aleksandr Lukashenko has won the Belarusian presidential election, as expected. The current autocratic ruler could count on more than 79 percent of the vote. His popular challenger Svetlana Tichanovskaja reaches less than 7 percent according to this quick estimate. She refuses to acknowledge the result. According to exit polls, … Read more