‘Higher taxes inevitable due to expanding government’ | Financial

This is evident from an analysis by ING economist Marieke Blom. “If you want a bigger government, you need more money and that money has to come from somewhere,” said the chief economist. “So the tax burden has to be increased.” The number of hours worked in government, education and care increased by 7.4 percent … Read more

Apex Intelligence, which solves energy problems, is expanding abroad

Company photo During the first year of operation, the building access company Apex Intelligence, which demonstrated how artificial intelligence (AI) technologies can help solve the growing problem of energy, is establishing offices abroad. The Vilnius company intends to provide its services in Poland, the Scandinavian countries, and the United Kingdom. Imans building access solutions allow … Read more

IMSA research is expanding in Lithuania

in 2022 October 25 – executive recruiters are seeing an increase in recruitment mandates from around the world. They continue to build new practices, hire new staff and open new locations to meet demand. Global recruiting associations, meanwhile, are benefiting from their resurgence in certain geographies. Executive search network IMSA Search Global Partners It announced … Read more

Luxury second-hand, an expanding sector that must track down counterfeits – rts.ch

Second-hand purchases have been booming for a few years, especially luxury second-hand. So much so that a salon is now dedicated to him in Geneva. But you also have to know how to flush out counterfeits to avoid unpleasant surprises. Bags, clothes, shoes, watches or jewellery, second-hand luxury is of increasing interest, so much so … Read more

New theory: Universe is expanding at an accelerated rate due to life

According to physicists, the degree of chaos invariably increases with time. So they can also predict the end of the universe – eventually everything will be a cold, lifeless gas soup. But as far as life on Earth is concerned, the chaos subsided, with more and more ordered life forms – from simple molecules to … Read more

Maximum electricity prices. The Senate is expanding the group of eligible persons

Senate amendments are aimed at, inter alia, to lower the maximum ceiling electricity prices up to PLN 450 for households and PLN 600 for the SME sector and local governments. Currently, in the act it is respectively PLN 693 per MWh and PLN 785 per MWh. The draft will now go to the Sejm. Among … Read more

The App Store records an increase in gambling ads after expanding advertising options

MADRID, 27 Oct. (Portaltic/EP) – The expansion of advertising options in the App Store by Apple has resulted in the proliferation of advertisements for games of chance and betting houses, which has caused discontent from various application developers. The company it’s been months working on increasing the possibilities for advertisers within its official application store. … Read more

The ozone hole is expanding over Antarctica for the third year in a row

Posted in: 22/10/2022 – 15:04 Today’s scientific bulletin titles: – Production of miniature brains in the aging laboratory at the Pasteur Institute in Paris – The ozone hole expands over Antarctica for the third year in a row – The era of large electric trucks is approaching by 2024 A new medical revolution is in … Read more