Tula Rodriguez and Chiquito Flores what happened to their relationship love story how they met and why they ended ex-partner show business | SHOWS

tula rodriguez She is one of the characters that years ago was full of controversy for her controversial romances. The television host has opened her heart to several men, however, she went with the former soccer player Juan ‘Chiquito’ Floreswho lived a passionate love affair between comings and goings. READ ALSO: Alejandro Toledo and the … Read more

Chyno Agostini spoke after his ex-partner treated him vaguely: “They are half-truths”

Written in SHOWS the 20/4/2022 · 19:24 hs the life of Chyno Agostini changed a month ago, when Ground Stingrays, who was his partner, came out to air certain intimate issues, from when they were together. The strong statements only made the son of Nazarena Vélez and Daniel Agostini come out to tell his version … Read more

Ex-partner of Miguel Trauco got engaged to a cumbia singer

In a photograph, Karla Gálvez wears a ring with Franck Mendoza. The ex-partner of Miguel TraucoKarla Gálvez, announced on her social networks that she was engaged in marriage to the cumbia singer, Franck Mendoza. Gálvez published a photograph on his Instagram profile, where he looks together with the artist with his respective ring. “Happy anniversary, … Read more

WhatsApp: how to prevent your boss or ex-partner from seeing your statuses without having to block them? | Android | iPhone | WPP | Tricks | Technology

WhatsApp has many exciting features that benefit its millions of users, whether Android O iOS. One of the most important options it has allows you to hide your statuses from certain contacts, such as your boss or ex-partner, without having to block them. Would you like to know how? Here we are going to teach … Read more

Melissa Paredes and the ‘Gato’ Cuba on Instagram ex-partner are an example of a “perfect family” in a book: “Let them know, it’s time to renew” PHOTO Farándula | SHOWS

¡UY! Melissa Paredes and the ‘Cat’ Cuba they could have been considered to have been considered a “perfect family”. The couple was in love and inseparable in social networks. READ ALSO: Rafael Fernández and his luxurious life with Karla Tarazona: He has two helicopters and three cars of 427 thousand euros For this reason, an … Read more

Genesis lashes out at Orejita Flores and his wife for being close to his ex-partner: “Don’t let them justify it”

The model Genesis Tapia attacked the father of one of his daughters and in this case he asked for support from Edison Flores and his wife Ana Siucho so that they do not justify it and understand their legal situation that they face against the father of their daughter. Likewise, she asked him to put … Read more

Corazón Serrano clarifies why Ana Lucía Urbina, ex-partner of Edwin Guerrero, no longer appears | Instagram | shows

The absence of Ana Lucía Urbina, former partner of Edwin Guerreroon Serrano Heart It has left the followers of the Piuran orchestra astonished, since it was speculated that the singer would have decided not to appear with them in the following concerts. Through social networks, a brief message was issued clarifying the situation of the … Read more

He defends his mother from his ex-partner and is killed: 22-year-old TikToker from Agrigento dies in Liege

Killed for defending his mother from a violent ex-partner. He died like that Luca Pisciotto, 22, originally from Agrigento but moved to Liege, Belgium for some time with his family. The boy was a star of “Tik Tok” where he was known by the nickname “Luca Itvai” with over 1.5 million followers. Pietro Randazzo, 35, … Read more

Karla Tarazona is a tick assures Olenka Cuba girlfriend Leonard León for ex-partner fight Instagram celebrity | SHOWS

UNLEASHED HIS FURY. Olenka Cuba could not sit idly by after the virtual confrontation starring Leonard León and Karla Tarazona, the same one that began when the businesswoman took from her children the cell phone that the cumbiambero had given them to keep in touch. LOOK: Leonard León sends Karla Tarazona to study and Rafael … Read more

Jazmín Pinedo: Gino Aseretto rules out resuming his relationship with his ex-partner

The ex-partner of Gino Assereto, Jasmine Pinedo, appeared on the “+ Shows” program, and told the reason why he does not want to resume his relationship with the mother of his daughter. “Right now I am at a stage in which my space is very important, I am getting to know myself, at 31 years … Read more