With boldness and without the slightest shame .. a Saudi teenager confesses the reason for her refusal to sleep with her husband .. she will not expect the reason!

The Saudi writer Amal Al-Harbi surprised everyone by answering a question about the dowry she would ask for if she was offered a marriage, noting that the dowry would be a condition for approval of the marriage. She explained during her interview with the program “Stages” broadcast on SBC that the dowry that she will … Read more

The Love Story of Via Vallen and Chevra Yolandi, One Stage 6 Years Ago, Didn’t Expect to Be Matched

BANGKAPOS.COM – A love story Via Vallen did not expect to be matched with Chevra Yolandihad one stage 6 years ago. The singer of Via Vallen recalled the early meeting with her husband Chevra Yolandi. Through an Instagram post, the singer of the song ‘Dear’ shared a video of the beginning of the meeting with … Read more

A resident of occupied Kherson: the Russians themselves told us what to expect

– Since the beginning of March, Kherson has been temporarily occupied. You managed to evacuate from Kherson. Tell me how it happened. – We left Kherson early in the morning. We reached Vasiljivka quite quickly. This is the only place in the occupied part of Ukraine in the south from which you can reach Zaporizhzhia. … Read more

OP Coins Up 300% in One Month, Analysts Expect 30 Percent Drop in August

The price of the Optimism coin (OP) has skyrocketed by almost 300% over a month. It rose to $2.31, its second-highest on record, on Aug. 4, before dropping to $1.9 now following news of developments. Ethereum (Ethereum) in layer-2 Optimism It is an Ethereum layer-2 solution that will increase the scalability of the main chain. … Read more

Index – Belföld – The heatwave has broken out, let’s not expect rain

2022.08.04. 05:46 On Thursday, clear or at most slightly cloudy, sunny, rain-free weather is likely. The east and north-east wind may only intensify in a few places. The highest daytime temperature is between 30 and 36 degrees. On Thursday, a lot of sunshine is expected with few cumulus clouds. There will be no precipitation. The … Read more

The invention of Klaipėda scientists has been tested in real conditions: they expect international success

A crude oil spill was simulated in the water area of ​​the Klaipėda State Seaport Directorate’s fleet base. The permission to carry out tests in the port’s water area was issued by the Ministry of Environment. For this, an area of ​​approximately 24 square meters was fenced off with bony barriers. Before the tests, a … Read more

How to reset network settings on iPhone or iPad | smartphones

Sometimes the operation of the network connection that exists in the iPhone o los iPad is not what it should be, and there is no apparent reason for this to happen. One of the ways that exist to solve it without having to worry about anything is to restore the configuration. We show you how … Read more

“This fall we expect improvements in vaccines that may be key to the evolution of the pandemic”

One of the most promising projects for an intranasal vaccine against Covid has been developed since 2020 at the CSIC National Center for Biotechnology and by one of the greatest experts on coronaviruses, the virologist Luis Enjuanes. In a telephone conversation with The Independentthe expert explains how his project is going, a spray drug based … Read more

One of the largest amusement parks in Europe is located in our neighborhood: what to expect there and how much does it cost?

The amusement park is visited not only by tourists from Poland, but Lithuanians also go there with great pleasure. And although it is a little more than 750 kilometers from the Lithuanian capital to it, if you properly consider the route and stops, you can plan a fun trip for the whole family. In addition, … Read more