What is the relationship between the zodiac and our life expectancy?

© There is a connection between zodiac signs and life expectancy, according to American experts from the Center for Astrological Research in the USA – AstroAmerica.com. They made a computer analysis of the birth and death dates of more than 60,000 people from different countries. The researchers drew information from encyclopedias, library forms, church books … Read more

Drinking little water could speed up the aging process and shorten life expectancy

We often hear that hydration is important; now comes a scientific study that points out how drinking enough fluids may also be associated with a lower risk of developing chronic disease, a lower risk of dying early, or a lower risk of being biologically older than one’s chronological age. the study is from National Institutes … Read more

The list of countries with the highest life expectancy for investing more in health care

In the last century, the average world of life expectancy has been prolonged, which is due in large part to advances in science and medicine, thanks to the development of vaccines, preventive medical care and sanitation systems. According to the last study of the commission Economic for Latin America and the Caribbean (Cepal), life expectancy … Read more

Last year, life expectancy for men in Latvia was one of the lowest in the EU

Bulgaria and Romania also had lower rates, reaching 68.1 and 69.4 years, respectively. In Estonia, on the other hand, this indicator was 72.4 years. Life expectancy indicators for women in both Latvia and Lithuania are also among the lowest: in Latvia they are 78.2 years, in Lithuania – 79 years. Life expectancy for women was … Read more

Those born in Southern Italy have a life expectancy almost 4 years lower than in the North – The report

Healthy life expectancy of girls born in Calabria is less than 15 years to that of girls born in Trentino. Also in Calabria, the infant mortality rate (within the first year of life) before the pandemic was three times that of Tuscany (4.42 deaths per 1,000 live births, versus1.45 Tuscan). In Sicily, more than double: … Read more

Hundreds of Whales Strand Again on New Zealand’s Isolated Island, Zero Life Expectancy

WELLINGTON, KOMPAS.com – About 250 mass stranding of whales on Pitt Island, the second largest of the Chatham archipelago, about 500 miles east of the mainland New Zealand on Tuesday (11/10/2022). This is the second time hundreds of whales have washed up en masse on remote islands off the eastern coast of the “Kiwi Land” … Read more

Drinking coffee increases life expectancy, study finds

Whether we prefer an espresso or a latte, it’s all good for our health, says a study conducted in Australia. • Read also: 4 ideas for original coffee-based cocktails to make a change from the “espresso martini” Researchers from the Baker Heart and Diabetes Research Institute have reported that drinking two to three cups of … Read more

Heart attack: a revolutionary drug extends life expectancy

A new drug prevents the risk of a relapse of a heart attack. © Adobe stock 80,000 French people have a heart attack every year. 15% of victims die in the following year. Spanish researchers have just presented a revolutionary drug that extends life expectancy. 33% reduction in mortality After a heart attack, the risk … Read more

Scientist Successfully Working on Artificial Photosynthesis, Life Expectancy Beyond Earth?

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Scientist succeeded in making the process of artificial photosynthesis. Is this a new hope to support the human vision of living in lout of space? Photosynthesis or the process of converting water, carbon dioxide, and sunlight into oxygen and energy helps plants grow naturally. Scientists are trying to exploit this process … Read more