PTT expects in the year 65 Dubai crude oil prices average 67-75 USD/barrel.

Ms. Chanattha Rerkchairasamee, oil price analyst, PTT Group (PRISM) IRPC Public Company Limited (IRPC), said that in addition to the demand for oil that affects the price of oil Supply is also important. That caused the tightness of oil prices to a high level. The tight supply is expected to ease in 1Q12, and in … Read more

Airbus expects to deliver 3,020 new aircraft to Middle East companies

I expected Airbus The Middle East airlines will order 3,020 passenger and cargo aircraft by 2040, bringing the total fleet to 3,210 aircraft compared to the 2019 fleet of 1,300 aircraft. In its report on “Global Market Outlook for 2021”, which was revealed at the Dubai Airshow 2021, Airbus indicated that the region’s fleet will … Read more

Retail expects levels close to 2019 in a BlackFriday where shortages could be expected

The Association of Retail and Restaurant Brands (AMRR) said it is “moderately optimistic” with the ‘BlackFriday’, expecting levels similar to those of 2019, but with lower profitability, at a time when the sector is aware of the scarcity of goods. We have the expectation that both at ‘BlackFriday’ and at Christmas time, we can reach … Read more

The Building Materials Division expects iron and steel prices to decline in Egypt after its global decline

Ahmed Al-Zayni, head of the Building Materials Division in the Chambers of Commerce, expected a decline in iron prices In the Egyptian market, amid the decline in the price of iron ore globally, indicating that there is a state of anticipation by traders in Egypt for an expected reduction in prices in the coming days. … Read more

PepsiCo expects delivery of the first Tesla Semis this year (but forgets to notify Musk)

Published: 13 nov 2021 07:45 GMT Production of Tesla’s first trucks would not take place before 2023, the electric car maker’s founder claimed last month. The executive director of PepsiCo, Ramón Laguarta, said this Monday in an interview with CNBC that his company expects to receive the first delivery of the new Tesla Semi trucks … Read more

Pfizer won the first round, but Moderna expects a final victory

“We are not working amateurly” with mRNA, the technology that underpins both leading US vaccines, Moderna President Stephen Hoge said in an interview. “We have been doing this for several years, we are the creators of this space,” he said. According to Hoge, Pfizer’s experience in rapid clinical research and mass production has allowed it … Read more

AUA expects a loss of over 200 million euros

Despite the first quarterly profit since the outbreak of the pandemic, the AUA balance sheet shows a loss of 199 million euros after nine months at the end of September. AUA CEO Alexis von Hoensbroech announced today at a video press conference that the annual loss will increase with the fourth quarter. The loss will … Read more