Expedition 1.5 meters: three thousand liters of milk washed away

Sunday, 23 August 2020, 8:17 PM ‘Much to our sorrow and frustration, the police visited this morning’, Janneke Postma from Oldekerk reports on Facebook. The milk tank of Postma’s farm has been opened by strangers. Three thousand liters of milk were lost during this process. To support Postma and her boyfriend Jeen de Jong, Expeditie … Read more

Kalvin blows out of school about masturbation during Expedition Robinson

While Donnie thinks aloud about how he would deal with his sexual desires on the island and makes suggestive hand movements, Calvin quickly shatters that suggestion. “I really have zero times …” he begins. “But you just have feelings, don’t you?” Donnie interrupts. “No, man. That’s really gone. But I do know ladies who did … Read more

Nordlys – New expedition ship arrives in Tromsø

On Wednesday evening, Hurtigruten’s ship MS Spitsbergen docks in Tromsø. This is also an expedition ship that has been on Svalbard, and they also have an international crew. According to NRK MS Spitsbergen may not dock until Tromsø municipality knows that they have the capacity to carry out testing and infection tracing. MS “Spitsbergen” is … Read more

Blue holes at the heart of a new expedition next month

The blue holes. Huge crevasses plunging into the depths of our oceans. These geological curiosities are still very poorly known, and it is rare to collect information on these strange underwater cavities. The largest of these is in the China Sea. The dragon’s blue hole sinks more than 300 meters below the surface. These fascinating … Read more