Contest will give away expedition to Antarctica: how to participate to be “commander of the penguins” | Technology

People over 18 years of age can participate, who only need to register on the company’s website between January 24 and March 17. As an initiative to educate about the fauna present in Antarctica, a travel company launched a contest to enter an all-inclusive Antarctic adventure, to serve as the “commander of the penguins”guided by … Read more

The JUICE probe prepares expedition to Jupiter and its icy moons

The JUICE space probe, built by Airbus in France, is set for an eight-year voyage with a mission to explore the icy moons of Jupiter, a European Space Agency (ESA) mission to confirm the existence of subterranean oceans that could harbor life. In the clean room of the manufacturer Airbus, in the French city of … Read more

This year’s CCTV Spring Festival Gala has a lot to watch

Original title: This year’s CCTV Spring Festival Gala has a lot to watch It’s New Year’s Eve again, and every family watches the Spring Festival Gala. On the stage of this year’s CCTV Spring Festival Gala, a group of simple, sincere and catchy songs expressed people’s yearning for a better life. This year, in addition … Read more

In March, an expedition will begin in which Nissan Ariya will try to drive from one pole of the globe to another

Nissan’s electric crossover Ariya will be used in an ambitious expedition aimed at measuring the distance from one pole of the Earth to another. To be fair, the trip will start from the magnetic north pole, but the finish is planned for the planet’s geographic south pole. This expedition was planned by the British explorer … Read more

Singer Gina, who was prostituted on an expedition, returns to activities?… “I’m still alive”

Singer Gina’s Instagram capture Singer Gina announced her current status after being fined for prostitution. On the 2nd day of passing, say “Happy New Year. Happy New Year! Appreciate your loved ones and cherish them when you still can.” told Then Gina added hashtags such as ‘Still alive’, ‘not dead yet’, (Still alive, not yet … Read more

Interview with the producer of “Dragon Quest Treasure Hunting Expedition”, a new work with the bloodline of “Monster Ragnarok” | 4Gamers

The latest extension of the “Dragon Quest” series developed by Square Enix “Dragon Quest Treasure Hunting Expedition Team Blue Eyes and Sky Compass” will be released this week. Before the launch, Asian media interviewed the producer of this work Inuzuka Taiichi, he was also the producer of the “Dragon Quest Monster Wonderland” (hereinafter referred to … Read more

Expedition on the Orinoco: taking health to the remotest parts of the Venezuelan Amazon – PAHO/WHO

Local participation: essential to reach more people To overcome the language barriers with these communities, Ministry staff often rely on translators to communicate with the captains of each community -as indigenous leaders are called locally-. In the most remote areas, where Spanish is not spoken, the captains have at least one translator. In many cases, … Read more

“Pokemon Scarlet Violet” Mysterious existence of “Idainakiba” and “Tetsunowadachi” revealed. An ancient expedition unraveled – AUTOMATON

advertisement The Pokémon Company announced on November 8th thatPokemon Scarlet Violet』The latest video has been released. In the trailer, an adventure in the Pardea region is depicted with the song “Celestial”, which Ed Sheeran collaborated with “Pokemon”, as the background. In addition, on the official website, information on the expedition that was written a long … Read more

Half bat, half pasta. An expedition found a sea of ​​unknown creatures off Australia — ČT24 — Czech Television

Thirteen thousand kilometers in thirty-five days were covered by a research expedition on board a ship RV Investigator. She set off at the end of September to an area two and a half thousand kilometers from the west coast of Australia. Oceanologists were hoping to make some interesting discoveries, because the place they chose is … Read more

Great catch! The Czech junior expedition recorded the greatest success in history

The junior kickboxing representative of the Czech Full-Contact Association has achieved valuable achievements that will undoubtedly rank among the most valuable in history. At the week-long World Junior Championship tournament of the WAKO association in the Italian resort of Jesolo Lido, which was attended by around 2,000 fighters from 63 countries, the Czech team even … Read more