Beware of 3 diseases in the earthquake zone! The expert warned

Turkish Clinical Microbiology and Infection Society (KLİMİK) Board Member Prof. Dr. Alpay Azap made a presentation on infectious diseases that can be experienced after the earthquake at the National Lung Health Congress held in Antalya between 15-18 March by the Lung Health and Intensive Care Association (ASYOD). Speaking to Demirören News Agency, Prof. Dr. Azap … Read more

Expert – about the biometric face recognition function in phones: the information there is not available even to the manufacturers

“Personal information generated by the biometric facial recognition function, for example, in devices manufactured by Apple, is stored only in the internal memory of the device. This means that the image of your face is not transmitted to the device manufacturer and is not stored on external servers, in the cloud”, explains M. Užupis. Facial … Read more

Despite her smile … a sudden fainting of a weather expert on the air (video)

A CBS meteorologist faints before performing her segment on the channel. An American weather expert fainted live A meteorologist fainted live on an American channel before she started talking about the weather.A meteorologist at CBS in Los Angeles, Alyssa Carlson Schwartz, passed out before presenting her segment on the television channel. The expert tried to … Read more

Expert: The risk of sweeteners exaggerated

According to a Swedish expert, American researchers’ warning that the sweetener erythritol can increase the risk of heart attack, stroke and premature death is exaggerated. As Dagens PS has previously reported, researchers have found in a new study that the sweetener erythritol poses health risks. Men Ingrid Larssonnutritionist at Sahlgrenska University Hospital and associate professor … Read more

Do you want to look younger? The expert revealed a brilliant TRICK on how to achieve it: One thing is enough for you

Kalondia stated in her video that her women they keep asking, how she uses makeup. This prompted her to share her technique with the public and help more mature women look flawless. When many of us think of rejuvenation, we imagine complicated procedures. However, Casey only uses two different concealers – a darker one and … Read more

Defense expert Ko Colijn on war fatigue in Russia (and Ukraine) | War in Ukraine

19 mrt 2023 om 20:08Update: een dag geleden Defense expert Ko Colijn has been providing the Dutch with information on armed conflicts for almost fifty years. For he follows the battle in Ukraine and answers our (and your) questions. This time he discusses the battle of attrition over Bakhmut. The war of the Russians … Read more

Those who drank the tea like this got burned! The expert name was right: It turns out that we had been wrong for years – HEALTH

Lemon or butter with your tea? Canan Karatay explained. He owed his health to this. What are the benefits of lemon tea? Drawing attention to the unconscious consumption habits of tea, Prof. Dr. Canan Karatay states that drinking tea with butter is common in some western countries such as England. In addition, in a study, … Read more

When will there be a turning point in the war? Defense expert – about fighter jets for Ukraine, Xi’s visit to Moscow and criticism of US Republicans

15min G. Jeglinskas, who visited the studio on Friday, is a graduate of the prestigious West Point Military Academy and former Deputy Secretary General of NATO. He is currently an expert at the Center for Eastern European Studies and the Atlantic Council, a US research center. In the interview, G. Jeglinskas reviewed the strategic picture … Read more

Information protection and cyber security: An expert reveals why they should not be identified

According to Mantos Užupis, Tele2’s IT security expert, as the amount of data grows every year, so does the need to protect it, so it is important for private individuals and organizations to understand the essential advantages and differences between information and cyber security and not to take advantage of them. Safety accompanies every step … Read more