Protective barrier against intestinal diseases! Make room for fibrous foods on your table! So what are foods high in fiber? Expert name told about fibrous foods

Informing that there are many types of fiber, Akçal stated that prebiotics that have entered our daily lives are actually a subset of dietary fibers and are defined as an indigestible food substance that affects the host in a beneficial way by stimulating the growth and activity of good microbes. FIBER FOODS PROTECT AGAINST ALLERGIC … Read more

Expert Interpretation: Omicron Virulence Close to Seasonal Influenza Positive Cases Are Now Mainly Upper Respiratory Symptoms-Video-中工网

original title: Expert interpretation: Omicron virulence close to seasonal flu positive cases are now mainly upper respiratory symptoms According to the characteristics of the spread of this round of epidemic, relevant experts made further interpretations: ① The virulence of Omicron is significantly weakened, which is very close to seasonal flu, and it is preventable, controllable, … Read more

Watch out for the early sign of cancer! It all starts in the toilet: seen in 89% of patients

Bowel cancer is one of the most dangerous types of cancer. Intestinal cancer, which starts in the large intestine, affects all life. In order to reduce the effects of this cancer and start the right treatment at the earliest, it is necessary to be knowledgeable about its symptoms. According to experts, unusual situations in the … Read more

“Katha was unbeatable”: world class pays homage to Lillehammer expert Althaus

“Katha was unbeatable” World class pays homage to Lillehammer expert Althaus 12/04/2022, 6:18 p.m Katharina Althaus has ten World Cup victories in the statistics – she celebrates five of them in Lillehammer. Also this weekend she is successful in Norway. She now wants to take her top form with her to a very special premiere. … Read more

Expert: It is unlikely that Vladimir Putin will lose power in a revolution

Russian President Vladimir Putin and his future have been widely discussed after he invaded neighboring Ukraine on 24 February this year. (The article continues below the picture). Police and protesters clash in St. Petersburg, Russia. Photo: Dmitri Lovetskyj / AP / NTB In response to the unprovoked invasion, the West has imposed severe economic sanctions … Read more

Sunday Oliseh, expert for FIFA, on Belgium: “I prefer to say that it is a talented generation”

The appointment is made at the Intercontinental Doha Beach Resort and Spa. It is in this hotel that part of the technical delegation of FIFA has settled, in particular the six experts chosen by the international federation. Their work… This article is for subscribers only Take advantage of our current offer and access to all … Read more

Edyta Górniak used aesthetic medicine treatments? The expert evaluates

Edyta Gorniak in show business I feel like a fish in water. Although the singer gained fame due to her unquestionable vocal talent, thanks to which she won second place at Eurovision, Currently, the media rarely writes about her musical career. Although the star still occasionally appears on stage, her private life is definitely the … Read more

Expert Plans to Bury Carbon Dioxide in Ocean to Fight Global Warming

Jakarta, CNNIndonesia — Various ways and ideas emerge for the sake of facing global warming. One of them is the idea of ​​burying carbon dioxide into the ocean. “At this point, time is of the essence,” said Michael Hochella, a specialist Earth scientist at the US Department of Energy’s Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Science Alert. … Read more

Christmas baubles with Nazi symbols are sold on – rare, says expert – NRK Nordland

Goblins. Angels. Colorful balls. All common varieties of Christmas tree decorations. Adolf Hitler and swastikas are not as common, thankfully. But during the Second World War, dozens of Christmas ornament variants with Nazi symbols were produced. The museum in Lofoten has obtained a complete set of Christmas baubles from the Second World War. Photo: Lofoten … Read more

The historic judge is praised by expert Jonas Eriksson

Costa Rica put in a solid effort in the final group stage match against Germany, briefly leading, but then losing 4–2. In addition to Germany going out of the World Cup, more history was written in the World Cup book this evening. 38-year-old Frenchwoman Stéphanie Frappart refereed the match, as the first female referee in … Read more