2000 units. US intelligence knows where Russian tactical nuclear warheads are – expert

The Russian missile OTR-21 Tochka is capable of carrying a nuclear warhead with a capacity of 100 kilotons at a distance of up to 185 km (Photo: Gulustan / en.wikipedia.org) According to her, Russia has about 2,000 tactical nuclear warheads, and they are not controlled through a nuclear suitcase that can be used to control … Read more

Rush of hockey players to Russia? Alibism and zero moral values, says expert Koreis

He was actively involved in discussions regarding the departure of Czech and Slovak hockey players, including Rudolph Červený, to Russia on social networks, where, however, over time he understood that moral principles and honor are lacking even among hockey fans. “I’m getting a little allergic to the platitudes that the boys only go there to … Read more

Expert Predicts Disease ‘X’ Will Outbreak, Threatening Human Life

Thursday, 30 June 2022 – 05:12 WIB VIVA Lifestyle – Disease deadly after the COVID-19 pandemic subsided lurking around the world, especially in the UK. Experts warn that the signs of a major outbreak are already visible and the disease could be life-threatening at any time. Professor of infectious disease epidemiology at the University of … Read more

Russian expert: Putin has already realized that he is doomed

“Putin had three ways to achieve victory, but they didn’t work,” said A. Piontkovskis. According to the publicist, the first is blitzkrieg, a method the Russians used in Czechoslovakia in 1968, when the USSR and allied forces overthrew the Czechoslovak government and occupied the country to stop the Prague Spring reforms. Then they used aviation, … Read more

Expert: can Russia decide to attack Lithuania – let’s calculate what consequences it would cause for it

With Russia mobilizing forces, the transfer of NATO troops to Lithuania would begin Called Suvalki Corridorwhich would not only be temporarily blocked if occupied NATO forces, but also the open land route to the Kaliningrad region has currently become the subject of various discussions. But the probability that Russia can decide on an adventure and, … Read more

The global vaccination target of 70% against covid-19 is obsolete | Expert Network | future planet

Last week was called to be an important milestone in the global fight against covid-19. In 2021, at the G-7 summit, the director general of the World Health Organization (WHO), Tedros Ghebreyesus, launched a challenge to the world: “To really end the pandemic, our goal must be to vaccinate at least 70% of the world’s … Read more

Comments on: Expert: Russia may not be strong enough to pose a serious threat to NATO members

Without NATO, we, like cockroaches, would flee the Russian occupiers sooner than the Ukrainian soldiers. How many people remained in Latvia. Thanks to NATO, our statesmen can shake hands with those who forcibly took out a loan to keep a CCCP apartment or house in order. Anyone know how much EUR you can get for … Read more

Draghi insists on the price cap, the G7 opens on energy – World

Impose a cap on the price of gas as well. Do not stop looking for the right “way” to respect the different sensitivities that have already emerged among the 27 of the EU and at the same time overcome the perplexities about price cap instruments also found among the 7 big ones. In the Bavarian … Read more

Expert: Rising Construction Prices and Rising Energy Prices Motivate Citizens to Build Smaller Private Homes – Market News

foto;https://sputniknewslv.com/ Due to high construction costs, rising inflation, rising energy prices and the uncertain economic situation to fit into their home construction and maintenance budgets, many are currently reviewing plans to build new homes, reducing the area of ​​private homes. According to Luminor Bank, residents are reducing their home area by an average of about … Read more

Combustion car ban in 2035? The expert has doubts, but the owners of old cars will pay more

An expert who knows the forging of EU law from the inside, believes that the categorical position of the Commission is only part of the negotiations. The law still has to be adopted by most of the Member States And many of them are skeptical. – Despite the fact that the proposal passed through the … Read more