Military experts: stubbornness to defend one city can result in much greater losses for the Ukrainians

In the direction of Kharkiv, according to experts, no major changes took place. The Russians mostly succeed in killing civilians and destroying civilian infrastructure with the help of artillery and rockets. According to them, the attack has completely exhausted itself, the aggressor is trying to carry out local attacks in the northern section (Dementijivka), but … Read more

When will the 2022 solar eclipse occur? This is the expert’s word page all – Solar eclipse is an astronomical phenomenon that is eagerly awaited by people around the world, including in Indonesia. Because it doesn’t happen every month. Then, when 2022 solar eclipse will this happen? Indonesian Amateur Astronomer Marufin Sudibyo said that solar eclipse throughout 2022 occurred twice, including: 1. Partial solar eclipse 1 Mei 2022 … Read more

experts expect “North Korea may be behind the $3.5 billion Harmony Bridge hack.

Today (June 30), three crypto investigative firms came to the same conclusion: Korean hackers may be behind the attacks. The Horizon Bridge last week This is the theft of $100 million worth of cryptocurrencies from US crypto companies. The Horizon Bridge Harmony’s layer-1 blockchain bridge suffered an Altcoin hack with a total value of over … Read more

Asteroids remain a danger: experts speak of “observation gaps”

Updated on 06/30/2022 at 21:55 Countless asteroids race through the dark space of space. Large specimens have already been shot down with warheads in films. According to experts, this possibility is not so far-fetched. Smaller chunks are more of a problem. More space themes can be found here They are leftover chunks from the formation … Read more

Covid, Bassetti against the tide: “Changing rules on isolation, ‘lockdown’ risk”. Experts are divided on the masks

A boom of positives “expected expansion” and rules on isolation “to be changed”. Matteo Bassetti goes against the grain on the subject Covid compared to his colleagues. According to the head of Infectious Diseases of the San Martino Polyclinic in Genoa, in July there is a risk of a new lockdown. “It won’t be a … Read more

How Russia’s “default” could affect the war: experts single out one threat to the aggressor

Experts emphasize that “default”, or insolvencyat the state level, occurs when the latter is unable to return (part of) previously borrowed funds or pay accrued interest. “It is common for international financial markets to give a 30-day window to delays. In this case, Russia used both dates – both the contractual deadline to fulfill its … Read more

Military experts do not rule out that the Ukrainians have already lost the opportunity to take the initiative in one sector

According to experts, in the Kharkiv sector, the aggressor paid more attention to offensive operations in the northern section (Dementijivka – Pytomnykas), but the Ukrainians defended themselves. The Russians are intensively attacking Ukrainian positions, military and civilian objects with artillery and rockets, and have the advantage of fire. In the Izium sector, attacks in Krasnopilė … Read more

6 weight loss supplements that really work, according to experts

When you want to lose weight it is tempting to seek help wherever you can. Many people quickly turn their attention to supplements, which are found in increasing numbers in pharmacies and which promise a rapid weight loss. High demand has led to a wide range of products on the market, some marketed as women’s … Read more

Experts about whose value will rise the most in the future: real estate, securities or cryptocurrencies

Falling prices encourage investment Financial market participants who are familiar with investment opportunities are probably well aware of the saying “Buy the dip”, which, when translated into Lithuanian, would mean “buy an asset when its price drops”. Indeed, many people, when discussing investing, would often say that it is necessary to employ money when the … Read more

Dollar in Colombia would reach $3,900 or $5,000 at the end of the year, according to experts

After the presidential elections, the dollar closed its worst week in Colombia and was only $ 100 from its all-time high. The exchange rate reacted with volatility to the arrival of Gustavo Petro to the House of Nariño. Nevertheless, experts point out that the currency would stabilize in the coming months. The anxiety over the … Read more