Coronavirus in Peru | Lambayeque: Expired medicine seized for treatment of COVID-19

The Executive Directorate of Medicines, Drugs and Supplies (Digemid) of Lambayeque seized more than 40 kilos of expired medicines and state entities, whose sale is prohibited, in pharmacies of the San José district, 30 minutes from Chiclayo. During the operation, two pharmacies were closed, one of them for being informal, and In both, expired pharmaceutical … Read more

MP confirms that there is expired medicine in the Parque de la Industria

The Prosecutor against Corruption ex officio initiated an investigation into the complaint of storage of expired medicine in the Temporary Hospital of the Industry Park, where patients with Covid-19 are treated. The head of the prosecution, Stuardo Campo, confirmed that on the night of this Monday, August 10, an ocular inspection is carried out in … Read more

Lourdes Del Río announces that the coronavirus has expired

The Puerto Rican journalist Lourdes Del Río she proclaimed winner of the coronavirus, after being in isolation at his residence in Florida. Del Río announced on his social networks that the disease of COVID-19 could not with her. The Univision network journalist reported last week that she had caught the coronavirus and immediately went into … Read more

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TRIBUNKALTIM.CO – Exchange hunt 4 code redeem Free Fire end July 2020, it’s almost out of date. Assorted gift waiting, starting from Hayato Bobble Head hingga Famas Vampire Weapon Loot Crater. A number code redeem Free Fire or the latest FF that is almost out of date is in this article. The latest available FF redeem codes … Read more