Vaccination obligation expired but risk of fines for 2.4 million over 50 novax

Listen to the audio version of the article The obligation to Covid vaccine for the over 50s, a measure desired by the Mario Draghi government at the beginning of the year to stem the multiplication of infections. However, the procedures for penalties for those who have not complied with the rule that came into force … Read more

The country would lose RD$2.2 billion due to expired vaccines

The announcement that at the end of next month Nearly three million anticovid vaccines will expiremanufactured by the pharmaceutical company Pfizer, marked the third time this has happened, though never with such a large batch. For this reason, the Ministry of Public Health has called on the population to complete the immunization schedule for four … Read more

ANMAT extended the use of expired COVID vaccines for two months

The use was extended for two months and the application of COVID vaccines with expired expiration dates was enabled (REUTERS) The National Administration of Drugs, Food and Medical Technology (ANMAT) extended for two months the use of the lot 210584 of the AstraZeneca vaccine COVID-19 that expired on April 30. Through a circular from the … Read more

They denounce that they apply expired coronavirus vaccines: “I asked to see the vial and I did not apply it”

Mariana Bugeiro attended the vaccination de Pilar and discovered to her astonishment that the contents of the bottle with the AstraZeneca vaccine that was going to be applied to her expired in April. Analysis | Cristina and Milei, all populisms at the center of the debate Everything seems to indicate that the debate on the … Read more

Slow investigation of the MP costs Q160 thousand per month to Health for keeping expired vaccines

With a domino effect, the expiration dates of the vaccines against covid-19 were met. There are 7.7 million doses that have expired and remain inside cold rooms and refrigerated containers at the National Center for Biologicals (CNB) of the Ministry of Health, and have to be destroyed. But the fate of the 4.8 million doses … Read more

Minsa applies expired vaccines from Sputnik Light and Pfizer

The Nicaraguan Ministry of Health (Minsa) is applying doses of the Sputnik Light and Pfizer vaccines to the population that expired in early 2022, they trust CONFIDENTIAL sanitary sources. The batches involved are 140721, which expired on January 1, and ACB3999, which expired on February 2, 2022. CONFIDENTIAL corroborated the number of both batches expired … Read more

COVID-19 in Peru | Jorge Lopez Pena | “No vaccine has expired”: Minister of Health responds to the alleged expiration of 300,000 doses from AstraZeneca and Pfizer | VIDEO Minsa Coronavirus Ministry of Health rmmn | LIME

After the executive director of Immunizations of the Ministry of HealthMaría Elena Martínez, warned that approximately 300 thousand pediatric doses against the coronavirus (COVID-19) from the Pfizer laboratory would expire on Saturday, April 30, the head of the Minsa, Jorge Lopezassured that none expired. In relation to the report of Comptrollerwhere it was reported that … Read more

Are you 50 years old? Your driving license may have expired. There are 44 thousand Portuguese in this situation – Atualidade

In all, 44,566 Portuguese drivers aged 50 years failed to renew their driving license in 2021. The figures were transmitted by the Instituto da Mobilidade e dos Transportes (IMT) to the Newspaperand driving with an expired driving license incurs a fine of up to 600 euros. According to the director of the exam center of … Read more

Buy more Sputnik V vaccines, the condition that Russia poses to Guatemala to change expired doses – Prensa Libre

On April 30, the last 876 thousand 164 doses of vacunas Sputnik V of the second component and also the last ones in existence in Guatemala from the purchase of eight million doses made from Russia, of which three million 963 thousand 044 vaccines have expired, but for the country to be entitled to a … Read more