Boric’s 10 somersaults that explain part of the blood in his approval

Two weeks ago, after announcing the Pension Reform of his government, the President Gabriel Boric experienced a significant increase in its citizen approval according to the Cadem survey. After being practically for a month with adhesion figures below 30 points, the President raised eight from one week to the next, going from 25% to 33%. … Read more

Japanese fans explain why we clean up the rubbish in the stands and our high-quality culture embodies: the big bosses in the country criticize disgusting hypocrisy–fast technology–technology changes the future

Japanese fans explain why our high-quality culture is reflected in cleaning up the rubbish in the stands: the big bosses in the country criticize disgusting hypocrisy The high quality of Japanese fans in the World Cup has been praised by netizens all over the world. Is this really the case? After the Japan match, the … Read more

The “Winchcombe meteorite” could explain the arrival of water on Earth

The “Winchcombe meteorite” could explain the arrival of water on Earth. A carbonaceous chondrite discovered thanks to passionate citizens. Of the meteorites fall very frequently on Earth, and some of them are found. To the delight of enthusiasts and experts. Quite recently, a carbonaceous chondrite, a meteorite containing water, was found in England. And this … Read more

“I’m not here to explain, after so long, who I am”

After the repercussions that the strong criticism of Jorge Rial a Santiago del Moro for his driving in Big Brother 2022 (a reality show that he was able to host several years ago), the current presenter of the teleph he said his thing “I am not here, after so long, to explain who I am. … Read more

Is Xbox Series S a drag? The authors of Evil West defend the Microsoft console and explain why it will go to 30 fps on said platform – Evil West

Evil West It is just around the corner, it is true that there has not been much news for a few months, but the last few weeks have shared a lot of information about the title. Both his requirements Like the graphics modes on the different consoles were released a few days ago. Nevertheless, different … Read more

Health. How to explain that some women are affected by early menopause?

Menopause remains a phenomenon that is little talked about. A taboo around this female subject even more marked with regard to the early menopause. While the period when menstruation gradually stops occurs mainly between 45 and 55 years and lasts between 5 and 10 years, it sometimes occurs before 40 years. Menopause, whether early or … Read more

We try to explain to mom that it’s not her fault. Dads will make you cry, says a nurse from the neonatology department

What kind of parents do you meet in your work? We are all different, so parents are also different. We try to support absolutely everyone. This means that when a mother comes to you from a baby born at, say, 24 weeks, we know that it is not easy and the beginnings are challenging. Your … Read more

The Russian war killed for the first time on NATO territory. We explain why in Przewodów

From now on, you can also listen to the progress of the battles. The audio version is available for subscribers on the website or in the Denník N application. We always publish it with a new edition of the series. A Ukrainian missile killed by mistake, but it is Putin’s responsibility. Why Przewodów and what … Read more

Poland may activate Art. 4 NATO. We explain what that means

– We have decided to verify whether there are premises to launch the procedures resulting from Art. 4 of the North Atlantic Pact – says government spokesman Piotr Müller. The fact that Poland could benefit from Art. 4 NATO, also says, for example, Lithuanian Deputy Prime Minister Artis Pabriks. “If Russian missiles fell on Poland, … Read more