Istanbul Provincial Health Director Memişoğlu explained: We will be struggling with diseases.

Istanbul Provincial Health Director Prof. Dr. Kemal Memişoğlu, at the event he attended on the occasion of the International NASH Day, drew attention to the danger posed by sedentary life and obesity, “We see that the weight ratios of children who sit at home and do not do any exercise increase in Covid. I would … Read more

Scientists explain: Promising exercise advice

Scientists have discovered that even mild exercise can have a tremendous impact on health. Release: 08:04 – 04 June 2022 Updated: 08:05 – 04 June 2022 ABDScientists from Turkey have revealed that doing exercise, albeit in small amounts and in intensity, has very serious health benefits. Scientists working at the University of San Diego … Read more

Top Gun: Maverick, the ending explained: better than the original

Yes before seeing Top Gun: Maverick you reviewed the original film you will have noticed that almost every sequence of the sequel rhymes with another of its predecessor… until the last scene of the film that does not find any previous referent. As you can imagine there is a reason for this. To understand it … Read more

What are they about loud explosions? Explained by the Ministry of Defense

Noises were heard in Riga and nearby counties, Bauska, Iecava, Tukums and Jelgava. Galkin confirmed that NATO patrol planes had left Lithuania for Estonia and that the noise had been made when the planes switched to supersonic speeds. Galkins stressed that the flight took place in accordance with the law and over ten kilometers. In … Read more

Andrea Serna explained why the ‘Challenge’ is not broadcast live

Andrea Serna He wanted to interact with his followers on Instagram, enabling the question box in his stories to answer all kinds of questions they had. As it was expected, Many of the questions he received were directed at the ‘Challenge‘, program of Snail Television which she has been presenting for several years. The presenter … Read more

Chaliapin’s failure was explained by a well-known journalist

Prokhor Chaliapin keeps complaining that the reason for his failures lies in other people, they say, eminent colleagues block his way and do not allow him to conquer the musical Olympus. However, such statements are far from the truth. In conversation with the portal journalist Denis Sorokin said that the musician simply lacks talent. … Read more

Zaira Nara faced the media and explained her position on their separation – Paparazzi Magazine

Zaira Nara cannot have a minute of peace, since there has been a lot of talk lately about the separation of Jakob Von Plessen that had involved a third in discord, Jimena Buttigliengo, with whom the model had a few wordsbut also the sister of Wanda he had to endure the hints that China Suárez … Read more

The 12 most effective ways to free up space on your iPhone, explained step by step

There is no doubt that run out of storage space on iPhone it can be drama. Logically, in devices with 64, 32 or even less GB it is more frequent. However, it can happen even in a whole iPhone 13 Pro Max 512GB. But do not panic, since it has a solution and it is not as dramatic as it may seem.

If we start looking, we would never end up finding ways to optimize memory on the iPhone. Therefore, in this post we will see what are the most effective methods to save space. Some of them are very obvious and well known, but others are not.

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