the humanoid robot with the most advanced and realistic facial expressions to date, can be exploited to test your AI or machine learning technology

Engineered Arts, a British designer and manufacturer of humanoid robots, recently featured one of his most realistic creations in a video posted to YouTube. The robot, called Ameca, is shown making a series of incredibly human facial expressions. At the start of the video, Ameca seems to wake up, then his face shows a sort … Read more

Robot with human expressions and gestures unveiled in the UK

The British company Engineered Arts presented a robot with “human facial expressions and gestures”, which caused astonishment and jokes on social networks. In this sense, said company indicated that “Ameca is the most advanced robot with a human face in the world, which represents the forefront of technology and is specifically designed as a platform … Read more

Video tip: A robot with terrifyingly realistic facial expressions

Teaserbild-Quelle: Screenshot, Engineered Arts At first glance it looks like CGI (Computer Generated Imagery) aus. In fact, it is a real robot called “Ameca”, which simply has very realistic facial expressions. It was developed by the British company Engineering Arts. The realistic facial expressions of the robot in the video. (Source: Engineered Arts) The robotics … Read more

Twibbon Link Collection National Teacher’s Day November 25, 2021, Expressions of Love for the Teacher

2021 National Teacher’s Day Logo (Source: Ministry of Education and Culture) JAKARTA, KOMPAS.TV – National Teacher’s Day is held annually on November 25. To celebrate, here are a number of twibbon links to celebrate on social media. This 2021 National Teacher’s Day Twibbon can be uploaded on Twitter, Instagram or WhatsApp Story. Teacher’s Day is … Read more

“All about cars – cheeky words and expressions about cars and motorists” –

Get access to the most important issues and a number of membership benefits: Try our pro membership for 1 kroner the first month. – Every week I meet people in cars who say things that make me laugh, to see things in a different way, says Karl Eirik Haug. These meetings have resulted in the … Read more

Sarri disqualified for 2 days: “He sought the verbal confrontation and uttered blasphemous expressions”

Two days of disqualification a Maurizio Sarri, Lazio coach: this is the decision of the Sports Judge Gerado Mastrandrea, following the red received at the end of the match against Milan. The motivation reads “for having, at the end of the match, sought a verbal confrontation with a player of the opposing team, assuming an … Read more

“Damn fool”, so the Australian ducks know how to imitate the expressions of human voices

Some Australian ducks appear to be able to mimic human expressions and a variety of other sounds. This is documented by a study, published in the journal Philosophical Transactions of the Royal Society B, conducted by scientists from the University of Leiden and Australia’s Commonwealth Scientific and Industrial Research Organization, who analyzed audio clips of … Read more

Racist expressions on Rashford’s mural after the penalty kick was missed

A mural of Marcus Rashford, England and Manchester United player, was vandalized in the north of the country on Monday morning with racist graffiti after he missed a penalty kick the night before in the European Cup “Euro 2020” final, which Italy won 3-2 on penalties against the “Three Lions” team, the host of the … Read more

Federal judge stops regulation of the Electoral Comptroller that limited expressions of candidates on social networks

The federal judge Gustavo Gelpí issued a preliminary injunction this Friday to stop regulation that Electoral Comptroller’s Office had established on the personal social media pages of the officials who are candidates for the elections. The order arises from a lawsuit filed by the Association of Mayors against the Electoral Comptroller. Gelpí indicated in the … Read more