EXPRESSIONS – The “business” of COVID

Almost at the same time as the emergence of the coronavirus, some citizens, in several countries, began to question the veracity of it. Some said it was an invention. Others that, a business devised by international organizations and large businessmen to increase their wealth. Some say the virus was created in order to find a … Read more

Igea says expressions about Eolic Commission should be legally questioned

Valladolid, Jul 30 (EFE) .- The vice president of Castilla y León, Francisco Igea, declared this Thursday about certain statements made by the PSOE, regarding the Wind Investigation Commission that is held today, that some matters “should be questioned from a legal point of view. “ “There is no one prosecuted for the things that … Read more

They demand an apology from #LadyMiMuchacha for discriminatory expressions

Photo: Tomada del Twitter @marcelaluqu NEW LION The alternate senator by Nuevo León from Movimiento Ciudadano, Marcela Luque Rangel, she was criticized on social media for referring to a domestic worker as “my girl.” And it is that the policy published a tweet where it criticized that in public hospitals they do not deliver corpses … Read more

Federal judge stops regulation of the Electoral Comptroller that limited expressions of candidates on social networks

The federal judge Gustavo Gelpí issued a preliminary injunction this Friday to stop regulation that Electoral Comptroller’s Office had established on the personal social media pages of the officials who are candidates for the elections. The order arises from a lawsuit filed by the Association of Mayors against the Electoral Comptroller. Gelpí indicated in the … Read more