IND wins the event “EXAT”, the third stage of the expressway system, the northern route, worth 12 million baht, pushing back lock 2.18 billion baht.

Mr. Ratthawit Na Lamphun Assistant Chief Executive Officer Index International Group Public Company Limited or IND revealed that the company has signed a contract with Expressway Authority of Thailand or EXAT which is a contract for a consultant to study the suitability of engineering, economy, finance and environmental impact Expressway System Project Stage 3, Northern … Read more

Putin’s invasion threatens Czech highways. The 200-kilometer plan will become more expensive

The war in Ukraine is one of the turning points of the 21st century, which will have an impact on the lives of us all in the Czech Republic and in the whole sphere of Central Europe, says Minister of Transport Martin Kupka (ODS) in an interview with SZ Business. According to him, it is … Read more

He crashed on the highway, and the covid took his breath away. Cheerful turned a crisis year into a success in life

Seven matches in a row and rivals from another universe. Jiří Veselý’s trip through the tournament in Dubai was reminiscent of a grand slam. In the end, it was a losing final, but still a life success and a catapult back to the top 100. The story of the wild last twelve months of the … Read more

Apply for M-Flow membership, run first, pay later, get on the expressway, don’t have to be stuck in front of the checkpoint to waste time.

On February 15, 2022, the communication was launched. M-Flow in full on the intercity highway (Motorway) No. 9 or Kanchanaphisek Ring Road (Bang Pa-in – Bang Phli) piloted 4 checkpoints, namely Thap Chang 1, 2 and Thanyaburi 1, 2 checkpoints. M-Flow or Muti-lane Free Flow Video Tolling technology uses cameras and AI to capture license … Read more

The government is preparing a program statement. The most burning are the covid, energy and budget, said Fiala – ČT24 – Czech Television

“I would very much like to address some of the long-term priorities, but unfortunately the situation is so serious, so bad that there are three things we will have to address. Covid’s measures, energy prices and we have to prepare a budget, the country cannot be in a temporary budget for a long time, “said … Read more

The D35 motorway has twelve new kilometers in the Pardubice region, it ends near Holice – ČT24 – Czech Television

The D35 motorway is part of an alternative connection between Prague and Moravia, which should lighten the D1 motorway, but it is far from complete. However, with the opening of the Opatovice nad Labem – Časy section, road workers have taken a significant step to change that. At the grand opening of the new motorway … Read more

Construction of the D49 motorway between Hulín and Fryšták has begun. Ecologists plan lawsuit – ČT24 – Czech Television

“After thirteen years, heavy machinery is returning to the construction of the D49 Hulín – Fryšták motorway. Today we started working with topsoil. We will start building the motorway body again from the beginning of the construction season 2022, “said the Zlín branch of the Directorate of Roads and Motorways on Monday. Some environmentalists have … Read more

Over 400 km / h on the highway. The Czech billionaire took his Bugatti Chiron to a speed test in Germany

Entrepreneur and developer Radim Passer, one of the richest Czechs, has a weakness for very fast cars. That’s why he currently has a Bugatti Chiron Sport in his garage. This is not his first “bugatt”, Passer bought Veyron years ago. And even with it, he set a record on the German motorway in May 2015: … Read more

Forty-six people die in accident of North Macedonian bus in Bulgaria – ČT24 – Czech Television

“It is a huge tragedy,” said incumbent Bulgarian Prime Minister Stefan Janev, who set out for the scene. According to the Bulgarian Interior Minister Bojko Raškov, passengers were trapped inside the bus after the accident. “It’s a really terrible picture,” the minister said. The Prime Minister of North Macedonia, Zoran Zaev, expressed his regret at … Read more

Mud flooded the highway. Martina got stuck in the car with her 12-year-old daughter

Nearly 300 people were trapped on Highway 7 near Lake Agassiz, Canada, by massive landslides and muds caused by heavy rains and bad weather. Together with her 12-year-old daughter Nikola, Mrs. Martina Martínková also got stuck in the car. Massive mudslides and landslides blocked Highway Seven on Sunday night near Canadian Lake Agassiz, located in … Read more