Al-Manar Sports website » LeBron James is close to extending his contract with the Lakers

Media reported that LeBron James is negotiating with the Los Angeles Lakers to extend his contract and stay with the NBA team for two years, for $98 million. James, 37, met with team general manager Rob Blinka to discuss the extension. James, a four-time NBA champion, can become a free agent in 2023 if he … Read more

Extending the game’s life cycle, new Bungie vacancy revealed to expand the Destiny series universe – mashdigi

in the earlierExternal announcement of vacanciesIn 2014, Bungie expressed the hope of recruiting a story director in charge of the Destiny series to continue the series that began with the launch of the first Destiny in 2014. According to the current plan of Bungie, including “Destiny” and “Destiny 2” launched in 2017, 6 large-scale expansion … Read more

The Lithuanian government is in favor of extending the emergency until mid-September

In the current emergency, it is valid until June 30. The draft decision states that the state of emergency is due to the unprecedented mobilization of Russian and Belarusian forces in military aggression against neighboring Ukraine. The draft decision also states that the war started by Russia in Ukraine has caused a humanitarian crisis and … Read more

Between extending contracts and contracts… a hot football summer and a stronger coming season

It is clear that the Lebanese League in its finished season sorted the teams into several levels, which may make the picture of the upcoming competition somewhat similar to the one we witnessed in the season that ended with crowning the era with the old title. The Lebanese champion will be the first goal for … Read more

After extending Mbappe’s contract .. an “exciting decision” in Paris Saint-Germain

<div id="firstBodyDiv" data-bind-html-content-type="article" data-bind-html-compile="article.body" data-first-article-body=" came dismissal of Leonardo (52 years), from his assignment in 2019, a few hours after the capital club extended the contract of its star Kylian Mbappe until 2025. And the celebrations of the Parisian team for its tenth title in the league did not end until it was published by … Read more

Extending the state of emergency on the Belarusian border for the third time

The Ministry of the Interior (MoI) informed that although the number of attempts to cross the Latvian-Belarusian border illegally has decreased, a total of 22 people have been deterred from crossing the state border illegally in April and May. The ministry also pointed out that the war started by Russia in Ukraine, which is also … Read more

Requirements for Extending Dead SIM without making a new one

Jakarta – Dead SIM it can still be extended again without making a new one. This is the condition. Indeed, a SIM that dies after a day means that people have to carry out the procedure for making a new SIM. The mechanism for making a new SIM is by taking written and practical exams. … Read more

Health: Euskadi studies extending papilloma vaccination to children aged 11 and 12

The Basque Country is studying the possibility of extending the vaccine against the Human Papillomavirus (HPV) to children aged 11 and 12 and thus including it in the childhood vaccination schedule, equalizing the protection of both sexes against sexually transmitted diseases (STDs). ) most common in the world. Catalonia has opened this week the deb … Read more

Klopp did not want more money when extending the contract. Added assistants

On Thursday, German coach Jürgen Klopp extended his contract with Liverpool until 2026. The renowned website The Athletic managed to find out some details about signing the contract. The coach himself was supposed to initiate a few weeks ago that he would like to stay by the Mersey River for two years longer. And he … Read more

5 Next Tyson Fury Enemies After Extending Unbeaten Record

loading… Tyson Fury’s next 5 enemies including a big fight against a UFC fighter amid news of retiring after a win over Dillian Whyte. The Gypsy King extended their unbeaten run with an impressive display in their sixth-round TKO win over Dillian Whyte at Wembley on Saturday. Tyson Fury , the WBC world heavyweight champion … Read more