Researchers extract almost three dozen ancient viruses from glacier ice

Ohio State University researchers on the Guliya Ice Cap in China. Ohio State University By drilling into a glacier in Tibet, scientists have found 33 viruses that are up to 15,000 years old and different from anything we have known before. Of course, research has lofty goals: it wants to understand how viruses have developed … Read more

Creator of dogecoin cripples cryptocurrencies: It’s a hyper-capitalist technology to extract money from the desperate – Markets

Jackson Palmer, one of the creators of the dogecoin cryptocurrency – which emerged as a “meme” – decided to move away from the world of digital currencies, but not before weaving harsh criticisms of this technology which he considers to be “hyper-capitalist”, “inherently from right” and that “brings together all the worst parts of the … Read more

Holidays: subscribing to electronic toll payment, is it worth it?

TF1 – 2021-07-03T07:29:00.000+02:00 The subscription, valid on all motorways in France, costs around 2 euros per month depending on the company, and you are debited at the end of the month from the amount of the toll. For those who don’t drive a lot except long summer vacation trips, some offers may be interesting. For … Read more

Summary of episode 174 of Thursday, July 1, 2021 – Here it all begins

At the Institute, it is general amazement when Teyssier announces the eliminated students. Alice confronts Laetitia and no longer knows who to believe. Esteban’s presence complicates the Anaïs – Lisandro relationship. Find “Here everything begins” from Monday to Friday at 6.30 p.m. on TF1. Find the replay, summaries and bonuses every day on MYTF1. .

Stores selling alcohol now required to sell breathalyzers

TF1 – 2021-07-01T13:03:20.000+02:00 In recent days, Karine Bricout, wine merchant, has taken the lead. Prominently displayed on its counter, the new breathalyzers are offered for sale at 1.30 euros each. There are two: blue for young drivers and yellow for all other motorists. Indeed, the authorized alcohol limit is not the same. With this new … Read more

Red magic.. Investigations reveal the names of books used by Alaa Hassanein to extract antiquities

Subscribe to receive the most important news Including the red magic.. Prosecution investigations revealed the names of books used by the “Deputy of the Jinn and Orcs” in the excavations and excavations of antiquities in 4 places in the Old Cairo region, where the suspects in the gang formation were arrested. Investigations revealed The case … Read more

Covid-19 Research Study, Sambiloto Extract Effective Against Corona Virus

Sambiloto plant extract, a herbal plant native to Asia, is effective against the replication of Coronavirus Covid-19 or SARS CoV 2. – In recent times, the increase in cases Covid-19 What has happened in Indonesia has caused concern among citizens because of the rapid spread of the Corona Virus. However, there has been promising … Read more

Guest: Marion Cotillard, dark and mysterious in “Annette” by Leos Carax – Daily

The Cannes Film Festival finally returns on July 6 and to open it, the Croisette has chosen Leos Carax’s latest film, “Annette”. An astonishing film full of mysteries which puts in the spotlight Marion Cotillard and Adam Driver. To talk about it, Marion Cotillard is visiting the Quotidien set. .

Zoom – EURO 2020: is the LGBT flag political? – Daily

To fight against homophobia, the Munich stadium planned to light up in the colors of the LGBT flag during the Germany-Hungary match. UEFA decided otherwise, saying it did not want to mix sport and politics. In Germany, the decision angered and embarrassed UEFA. Hence this question: is the LGBT flag political? We talk about it … Read more

American police have learned to extract data even from switched off iPhones

Police in the United States use the GrayKey system from the American company Grayshift to extract data from locked iPhones and iPods. Instructions for working with such a device hit into the hands of Motherboard journalists after a direct request to law enforcement. When launching GrayKey, users can choose what data they want to retrieve … Read more