Ice Hockey World Cup 2022 | Jágr: That Pastrňák from the NHL will come and dominate the World Cup? It’s not true!

Why hockey dwarfs matches? If there was a player who would fit in with Kladno, if he was free. I have to say that these teams pleasantly surprised me. They play disciplinedly, with good defense and there are a lot of quality players. We see that hockey is just about details and everyone can beat … Read more

The famous season continues! Liberec Klapka signed with Calgary

“He had a fantastic season. I’m counting on it for next year, but anything can happen by June 15th. We probably won’t help. Since the player is under contract with us, he cannot go to our farm or ECHL, he must sign an NHL contract. Of course, it depends on the NHL teams, because they … Read more

Sparta hockey players will play the Spengler Cup

“We have proudly accepted the invitation to the Spengler Cup in recent years, unfortunately it was canceled twice due to the pandemic. It is the most traditional hockey tournament in Europe, we perceive participation very prestigious. Everyone has been looking forward to Davos in recent years. a life that can bring the team together even … Read more

COMMENT: The paper has never won anything. Dynamo has to make a dream team a real team

Already last year, big names came to the gingerbread town. Dominik Frodl to the goal, Jan Košťálek to the defense, David Cienciala, Robert Říčka or Adam Musil to the attack. It was not enough, Pardubice finished the quarterfinals last season, when they played a single match against České Budějovice. It would be inadmissible to repeat … Read more

Ice Hockey World Cup 2022 | The blacksmith waited in vain for an invitation to the national team. I talked about her performances, he’s sorry for his lack of interest

“I know that Sparta has high expectations of me, which I want to fulfill 100%,” reports the Písek native in an interview for the club website. Last season for him started with a very black script. After the knee operation, he did not have time to put himself in a hurry until the start of … Read more

Distorted or downright untrue! responds APK to Demolition with Dědek. He reportedly turned 180 degrees

APK is ready to cooperate fully with the Office, and in the coming days will provide it with all the documents that should clearly demonstrate the compliance of APK negotiations, not only with competition law. “We must categorically oppose the claims that the selection of a new marketing partner of the extra league took place … Read more

Another reinforcement for Pilsen. The Indians reached for an overseas sinner

“Kryštof wanted to end up in America, so we got into negotiations. Based on joint talks, it is clear what role we will want him – to bring emphasis to our game and manage the pre-goal area,” said sports manager Tomáš Vlasák on the club’s website. Hrabík went overseas in 2018, spending two seasons among … Read more

ANTOŠ’S BLADE: The nurse excited me before Hnilička appeared. Very bad move if he’s the head of the union

However, the change in the position of the head of the extra-league, when Josef Řezníček was replaced by Martin Loukot, should not fit in either. The highest competition after ten years passes from the hands of the union to the clubs, which is quite crucial. I wonder how the Association of Professional Clubs will react … Read more

The hockey champion releases the supports, the defender Krenželok returns to Vítkovice

Twenty-nine-year-old Musil played in a Slezani jersey five seasons since returning from overseas, celebrating all three golden hat-trick titles with them. His name was inflected in connection with Pardubice, but his arrival in eastern Bohemia has not yet been officially confirmed. The 32-year-old Kundrátek spent the last three whole seasons in Třinec, today Kometa introduced … Read more

Hockey in the hands of clubs. Will the extra league close? And what about disunity? Answers to the most important questions

Why did the clubs decide to take over the management of the extra league? According to LH Vice President Prokop Beneš, the clubs have decided to take responsibility. The same model works in Sweden, Germany, Switzerland or Austria. “I would also compare it to a joint-stock company, where shareholders who spend money on the operation … Read more