“We may find it easier to find them a new home”: in Wallonia, it would soon be the end of animal factories

This is a major advance that has been adopted by Wallonia in terms of animal welfare. A new decree will include rules to be respected so that the breeding of dogs and cats takes place with respect and the well-being of these animals. The importation of puppies and kittens for resale will soon be prohibited. … Read more

Spinning and weaving sector.. Two industrial complexes in Mahalla and Beheira, and 4 new factories in Damietta

A study issued by the Egyptian Observatory affiliated with the Egyptian Center for Thought and Strategic Studies monitored the state’s efforts to advance the spinning and weaving sector, stating that with regard to the productivity of the cotton crop, Egypt has, since 2017, intensified its efforts with regard to improving and raising the crop’s productivity … Read more

Fires in Villastellone | arsonists in action

Dramatic awakening this morning, Sunday 13 November, in Villastellone. At least 20 fire brigade teams, from all over the province, are working to put out five fires close to each other, in the same area, but not adjacent, which have affected industrial warehouses and farmhouses. Four warehouses in via Monviso, via Don Eugenio Bruno, via … Read more

One of the factories caught fire in Kediri, who owns the Gudang Garam cigarette business? page all

JAKARTAKOMPAS.com – One of the cigarette factories owned by PT Gudang Garam (Tbk) with the issuer code GGRM engulfed by the red rooster on Monday (7/11/2022) night on Jalan Mataram, Kediri City, East Java. Citing previous news, Head of the Kediri City Firefighting Technical Implementation Unit Fani Eryanto said his party had reduced all firefighting … Read more

Indonesian Manufacturing ‘Knell of Death’, Dozens of Factories Fall

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Termination of employment (PHK) occurs in many shoe and textile factories in the country. This is due to an economic slowdown and a surge in inflation in export destination countries. Export delays and cancellations have reportedly continued to occur, some have even experienced cancellations of up to 50%. The economic slowdown … Read more

Why China does not need any of the Russian car factories abandoned by foreigners – Cars

Renault closed. The Chinese will take its place. Nissan closed. The Chinese will take its place. Closed Mercedes-Benz. The Chinese will take its place. Ford closed. The Chinese will take its place. BMW closed. The Chinese will take its place. Hyundai and Kia closed. The Chinese will take their place. Closed VW and Skoda. The … Read more

Infiltrated Shein factories uncovers questionable working conditions: company defends itself | Society

The popular Chinese fashion and beauty company, Shein, was questioned for a documentary that revealed precarious conditions for workers in its subcontracted factories. Days of up to 18 hours, one day off per month, discounts of two thirds of the salary in case of errors in the preparation, are some of the practices denounced. the … Read more

Layoffs haunt textile and shoe factories, many orders are canceled from buyers

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Chairman of the Indonesian Employers Association (Apindo) Employment Division, Anton J Supit, said that garment companies (textile) and shoe (footwear) forced to take the Termination of Employment (layoffs). Because the order or orders are reduced. In fact, there are buyers who cancel orders, even though production has been done. “Production has … Read more

Photo from Belarus. Such cards were hung on factories – o2

Belarusian state-owned enterprises publish information for employees, according to which, they are under military duty and should report to the points of conscription commissions. According to official information, it is about “completing personal data”. They ask for “supplementing personal data” But Belarusians do not believe it. Often, under the guise of “updating personal data”, men … Read more