Tempo Scan Inaugurates a Milk Raw Material Factory with a Capacity of 15,000 Tons in Cikarang

JAKARTA, KOMPAS.com – PT Tempo Scan Pacific Tbk (Tempo Scan) inaugurated a raw material factory for formula milk and growth milk in the East Jakarta Industrial Park (EJIP) area, in Cikarang, West Java. The production facility for PT Kian Mulia Manunggal’s milk raw material has begun construction in 2021. Handojo Selamet Muljadi, Co-Founder & Chairman … Read more

Play “Rune Factory 3 Deluxe Edition” to experience the best generation | 4Gamers

Many “Rune Factory” series players’ favorite generation “Rune Factory 3” will be released on March 30th with the remake “Rune Factory 3 Deluxe Edition”. Before the game was released, Taiwan SEGA also invited Taiwanese media to try out the remake of this classic game first. It’s a bit of a pity that the brand-new “Newlyweds … Read more

One of the largest solar panel projects in Latgale has been installed at the “Ošukalna” factory

The multi-sector company “Ošukalns” in cooperation with the energy company “Enefit” has installed one of the largest and most technically complex solar panel parks in the Latgale region on the roof of its woodworking factory in Jēkabpils. Project investments are 350 thousand euros. As part of the project, 1,050 solar panels with a total system … Read more

Linda Admits to Going to the Methamphetamine Factory in Taiwan with Teddy Minahasa, Police Respond

Tuesday, 21 March 2023 – 11:30 WIB VIVA National – The Director for Drug Crime at the Bareskrim Polri, Brigadier General Krisno Halomoan Siregar, opened his mouth about the confession of the accused Linda Pujiastuti alias Anita, who once went to a methamphetamine factory in Taiwan, with the former West Sumatra Regional Police Chief, Inspector … Read more

Naples, a worker dies in the factory overwhelmed by pipes and scaffolding

Ansa A Polish worker residing in Naples died in a factory in the province of Frattamaggiore. Jan Marcin Urbanski, 40, would have died after being overwhelmed by pipes and scaffolding during work, according to an initial reconstruction by the carabinieri of the Caivano company, who intervened in the company where the accident took place. The … Read more

Despite major war damage – Swiss glass manufacturer rebuilds factory in Ukraine – News

Contents After the outbreak of war, Vetropack had to close the factory. The company wants to start producing in Ukraine again soon. The Swiss company Vetropack operated a glass factory in Gostomel near the Ukrainian capital of Kiev until February last year. Vetropack, headquartered in Bülach, Ukraine, employs around 600 people. But when Russia invaded … Read more

Volkswagen has created a new car brand and is building a new factory | Business

Motortrend.com writes that the first electric Scouts will appear in 2026. and will cost from 40 thousand. US dollars. The plant will produce family SUVs and electric pickup trucks. The start of production is scheduled for 2026. The company Scout Motors was created last year. This is how the Volkswagen concern wants to strengthen its … Read more

“Rune Factory 3 Deluxe Edition” releases the traditional Chinese version in Taiwan and the early purchase bonus of specific channels “ルーンファクトリー3スペシャル” – Bahamut

Produced by Marvelous, SEGA is scheduled to launch the traditional Chinese version of the Nintendo Switch fantasy life game “Rune Factory 3 Deluxe Edition“, now announced that it will provide a microfiber “mirror cleaning cloth” as an early purchase bonus in Taiwan and specific channels. Special information ※ The pictures of the special codes of … Read more

The secrets of ketchup: up to 8,000 tons of tomatoes a day come out of this factory in Portugal

Cost that Cost offers Wednesday, March 15 around 8 p.m. a duel between two cult sauces: mayonnaise and ketchup. In terms of numbers, it’s the mayonnaise that wins. We are fond of it: each Belgian consumes almost 2 kilos of it a year. But, on the nutritional side, the ketchup prevails. It is seven times … Read more

Geneva: The Cheneviers factory will whistle loudly

Geneva The Cheneviers factory will whistle loudly Exceptional cleaning operations in the Aire-la-Ville waste incineration center will cause noise pollution until the end of the month. Posted13 mars 2023, 06:04 The Cheneviers incineration plant in Aire-la-Ville. Lucien Fortunaiti/TDG Residents of the Cheneviers waste treatment plant have long seen smoke coming out of the chimneys. These … Read more