Fairphone 2 from 2015 will get Android 10 upgrade early next year – Tablets and phones – News

They had the same problem with Qualcomm for the Fairphone 1 and now 2 (and potentially 3 and 4). I find it astonishing that they continue to do business with this party and that Qualcomm simply refuses to cooperate. Which party is better and which one can you choose from? you now have: Qualcomm, Exynos … Read more

Fairphone 4 review – Self-repairing, this smartphone is built to last

Posted12 November 2021, 16:31 With its latest model of ethical and sustainable mobile, the Dutch manufacturer Fairphone has marketed an improved device, guaranteed for 5 years and now compatible with 5G. When you press the ignition button, it’s apprehension: will the smartphone we are holding in our hands work? The question arises when we have … Read more

Fairphone 4 – The phone you should buy – multimedia

Whether display, battery or camera – all parts of the Fairphone 4 can be replaced. But what else is the device good for? We tested it. Smartphones are still a major contributor to the annual e-waste pile. Although it has a study recently shownthat people use their cell phones for longer and longer periods of … Read more

Fairphone 4 in the test: sustainable mobile phone with few drawbacks – Android

When the first Fairphone was shipped in 2014, the success of the project to establish a smartphone manufactured under better ethical and ecological conditions was still on shaky ground. The premiere model, which massively exceeded its own expectations with 23,000 pre-orders, was a largely generic “chinaphone” with significant hardware deficits and difficulties with software support.

Fairphone 4 – “This is the most sustainable mobile phone in the world”

PublishedOctober 2, 2021, 9:45 am Fairphone has presented its new, sustainable smartphone. This should encourage its owners to use electronics more carefully. 1 / 8 This is what the new Fairphone 4 looks like. Fairphone This can be pre-ordered from September 30th. Fairphone The special thing about the Fairphone: It can be dismantled into its … Read more

Fairphone 4: the sustainable smartphone made from recycled materials and easy-to-repair modular design

October 1, 2021 Fairphone 4 brings 5G connectivity. According to the Netherlands-based company, the device is ethically made from recycled materials and fair trade gold, and ethically sourced cobalt and lithium. It is a device that is easy to repair and you can buy replacement parts from Fairphone if something breaks down. A new battery … Read more

Fairphone 4 introduced: more modern, more durable and more environmentally friendly – Android

In times of climate change, it is good form that hardly any presentation of a new smartphone goes without a reference to some environmental initiatives by the respective manufacturer. Less plastic in the packaging here, as recycled materials are used. But there is also one company that has focused on this topic from the start: … Read more

Renders And Specs Of Fairphone 4 Revealed

On the internet there are specifications, renders and prices of the Fairphone 4 5G appeared. Fairphone is a Dutch manufacturer that markets sustainable smartphones. The manufacturer is said to be launching two versions of the more environmentally friendly smartphone. The Fairphone 4 will be available in two versions. Customers can choose between 128GB and 256GB … Read more

Fairphone 3 owners can upgrade their own phone with camera modules | NOW

Fairphone has presented its new phone Fairphone 3+. Owners of a Fairphone 3 can upgrade to the newer version by replacing the camera modules of the device. The cameras are the most important innovation of the Fairphone 3+ compared to the previous model. The camera modules can be purchased separately for 94.90 euros (they cost … Read more

This is the new Fairphone 3+ – details of the new edition are already known

Sustainability and environmental friendliness, these are topics that the makers of the Fairphone want to address. With the Fairphone 3, the youngest smartphone model was introduced last year – around the same time. A few months ago, the Fairphone 2 was updated to Android 9. Otherwise it was quiet about the Dutch company. This week, … Read more