Czechs bought 3.3 billion crowns worth of bitcoins this year. But the volume of business is falling

“The end of the FTX exchange and the investigation of the Xixoio token project in the Czech environment did not help businesses much. However, the low price increased the share of speculative purchases, which, however, did not offset the decrease compared to October in terms of volume,” said founder Martin Stránský. Virtually the entire … Read more

Reborn Rich, good strength, no falling! Set a new rating record again After being on air for 3 weeks

It seems that the series Reborn Rich JTBC channel will be one of the most popular works at the end of 2022, after being on the air for 3 weeks, the rating numbers will only increase. And it hasn’t decreased even once. Reference from Nielsen Korea The latest episode (EP.7) of the series aired last … Read more

Scientists Find New Types of Minerals from Meteors, Falling in Somalia 2020 – Meteor and other bodies left over from the formation of the solar system are regarded as highly prized by scientists because most are chemically unchanged since then, whereas rocks on the Earth’s surface have been formed by geological and even human processes. Researchers investigating meteorites found in Somalia in 2020 has found two … Read more

The dollar index is falling after the statements of the Federal Reserve Chairman

(MENAFN) The US dollar index fell in early trading, on Thursday, to its lowest rate in three and a half months, after statements by Federal Reserve Chairman Jerome Powell. On Wednesday, Powell said in a speech that it makes sense that “the pace of rate increases should slow down as we approach the level of … Read more

Weather, cold air from the north arriving in Trentino and falling snow levels: this is how far the flakes will descend next week

Weather, cold air from the north arriving in Trentino and falling snow levels: this is how far the flakes will descend next week TRENTO. Rain alle quote lower e neve over i 1,600 meters: is this today (December 4) the situation on territory provincialwhere in the last few hours about 20mm from rainfall in the … Read more

11-year-old boy dies after falling from balcony in Braga

02 December 2022 at 6:17 pm A boy, aged 11, died, this Friday, after falling from the balcony of the apartment, on a second floor, where he lived with his family, in the parish of Nogueiró, in Braga. The tragedy happened at 4.20 pm due to circumstances yet to be determined. Vanessa Vaz, owner of … Read more

Planes are falling. A series of disasters in Russia

Some analysts try to blame the ongoing war in Ukraine, but that does not explain the plane crashes far from the front lines. The crash in Yeysk is explained by the Russian authorities as a fuel leak, although experts have indicated as a possible cause that the ammunition that the plane was carrying could have … Read more

Microsoft fixed the problem of falling performance in games on Windows 11

In September of this year, Microsoft released Windows 11 22H2 – a functional update for your operating system. Shortly thereafter, users began complaining about slow gaming performance, and the software giant was forced to acknowledge the problem. Now, the developers have released a preview version of the update KB5020044, which will solve the problem with … Read more