Resident Evil Review: Welcome to Raccoon City – The Movie We Needed

How scary it was, literally, to hear that Resident Evil returned with a new film to the big screen. Scared because it’s not that Paul W.S. Anderson He hit the nail on the head precisely by creating a saga with the name of Capcom’s video games with his wife, Milla Jovovich, at the head of … Read more

Amouranth sweeps viewership and surpasses other female streamers

Kaitlyn Amouranth Siragusa It is all a phenomenon within Twitch. And out of it. Content creator, queen of hot tube and threatened by some fanatics, has achieved succeed in the streaming portal from Amazon. Smart and able to invest your money wisely, A few days ago I explained how to get rich by investing in … Read more

A gaming computer company overtakes Facebook by registering Meta

Mark Zuckerberg presented a few days ago the complex Meta, the new name that the Facebook company will adopt and that it has used to present the projects worthy of metaverse it has in mind. But all of this could fall apart because of an Arizona computer company called Meta PCs. The drama has only … Read more

The theory that explains why Michael Myers can’t stop killing. Are you looking for your parents?

In this text there may be spoilers for Halloween (2018) and Halloween Kills!Halloween Kills has delved a lot into the past of Michael Myers in the motivations that move the murderer of the white mask that we saw for the first time in 1978 by the hand of John Carpenter. As with all brutal and … Read more

Kevin Feige warns fans to lower the hype for Spider-Man: No Way Home

The hype train by Spider-Man: No Way Home is unstoppable, and it is that multiple theories and rumors have arisen about what the feature film of Tom Holland, which will culminate his trilogy as the web launcher with this Jon Watts film that will be released in theaters next month. Viewers are waiting for the … Read more

‘Eternals’ is already the worst rated film in the MCU, even worse than ‘Thor: The Dark World’

The path to the abyss of Eternals continues. The film of Chlo Zhao, one of the most ambitious and spectacular of recent times within Marvel Studios, he has been beaten by specialized criticism and has become the target of the most uncompromising fans when be the target of the method known as ‘review bombing’ in … Read more

Avengers: Endgame had to modify the controversial A-Force scene

He could have liked it more or less, but what is clear is that two years have passed and we are still talking about the film: Avengers: Endgame today is remembered for all sorts of memorable moments, although not all of them were welcomed by viewers. One of the most controversial scenes was the one … Read more

There was a strange hidden object on Mars and Jupiter and we hadn’t noticed

The sky hides many things in plain sight. Things that, sometimes, to find them we need to use even 9 telescopes. That is what happened to astronomer Henry H. Hsieh, principal scientist at the Institute of Planetary Sciences in the United States, and his colleagues: this summer they found a strange object that was hidden … Read more

Astronomers accurately detect clouds on a distant exoplanet

This weekend may not be a good idea to travel to the exoplanet WASP-127b: it looks like the sun is not going to give much. Scientists, using data from various telescopes, have detected clouds in this gas giant, located 520 light-years from Earth. The finding has been such that they have even been able to … Read more