The daughter of a famous actress: “my mother forced me to live in the forest for 2 months for obesity”

When she was 15, Jenny Pentland, daughter of the comedy actress Roseanne Barr, known in Poland from the series “Roseanne”, she was surprised at her home in Los Angeles by a group of big menwho without warning handcuffed her and put her on a plane to Utah. Zayn Malik CHEATED Gigi Hadid with a British … Read more

Tennis, Caruso speaks after Djokovic’s exclusion: “I’m the most famous lucky loser in the world”

Following the final ruling of the Australian Federal Court on the Djokovic case and the expulsion of the Serbian from the continent, Salvatore Caruso, rescued in the Main Draw of the Australian Open instead of the number 1 in the world, clarified his point of view to the microphones of Sky Sport. “I didn’t follow … Read more

3 famous photographers unveil a new legend with the Leica M11 – Post Today work-life-balance

Three renowned photographers unveil a new legend with the Leica M11. Date 17 Jan 2022 time 09:50 Leica marks a new era in the Year of the Tiger by unveiling the latest Leica M-series camera “Leica M11” and inviting 3 famous photographers to unveil a new legend. Release the shutter to tell the story of … Read more

Famous YouTuber loses huge amount of fake Pokemon cards

Author: unno, posted January 15, 2022 if 09:32 – Reply To compress! A well-known YouTuber loses a lot of money when he thought he could make his move by investing in Pokemon cards. The famous YouTuber is Paul Logan. Known from YouTube and that he fought Floyd Mayweather a while back. His channel has a … Read more

A famous doctor was killed in a traffic accident in the “Alexandria desert”

09:55 PM Friday 14 January 2022 Cairo – Masrawy: Dr. Khaled Makhlouf, the former director of Al-Haram Hospital, was killed in a traffic accident on the Cairo-Alexandria Desert Road, on Friday. The supervisor of the Operations Room of the General Traffic Department received a signal from the designated services above the indicated road that an … Read more

3 famous photographers open a new legend with “Leica M11” in the theme of “Legacy of Leica”

worth the wait 5 full year! open the new era, the year of the tigerwith the unveiling of the Leica family of cameras M The latest version “Leica M11” (Leica M 11) price 303,800 baht that has been developed to extend all the new functionsfrom popular models Leica M10 3 famous photographers open a new … Read more

A truly valuable victory. The first of the famous congresses in Wengen was dominated by Nor Kilde – ČT sport – Czech Television

World Cup downhill skiing in Wengen (Switzerland): Men & # 39; s Downhill: 1. Kilde (NOR) 1: 42.42, 2. Odermatt -0.19, 3. Feuz (both Swiss) -0.30, 4. Hemetsberger -0.46, 5. Franz -0.66, 6. Mayer (all Austria) -0.78, 7. Bennett -0.95, 8. Cochran-Siegle (both USA) -0.96, 9. Paris (It.) -1.00, 10. Čater (Slovenia) -1.15. Running order … Read more

The death of a famous artist after a long struggle with illness.. and burial after Friday prayers

The great director, artist and famous thinker Ali Al-Huwerni died after a long struggle with illness, which caused a state of sadness and pain in artistic, cultural and political circles as well, due to the great intellectual and artistic presence of the late. The son of the late, “Ali Al-Huwairani,” wrote an influential obituary statement … Read more

Second Life, the famous virtual world platform, will return renewed for the metaverse | virtual world | virtual reality | Linden Lab | Technology

If you were ever interested in social simulation games like The Sims, you have probably also heard of Second Life (second life in Spanish). Well, in case you didn’t know, it is one of the best known and oldest virtual platforms and communities on the internet. In this one, you can create an avatar and … Read more