The most famous dead in 2022

In 2022, Queen Elizabeth II, Mikhail Gorbachev, Jean-Luc Godard, and Shinzo Abe passed away. Here are some of the world’s top personalities who passed away in 2022. January 2022American actor Sidney Poitier, 94, the first black to win an Oscar in 1964 for his role in the movie “Lilies of the Field.” Italian fashion designer … Read more

She became famous as Marína, but Mária Kráľovičová could play absolutely everything

This is not a biography, but a film script. A great and interesting story. In the real life of the main character, it was primarily a big theater. Mária Kráľovičová was in the SND Činohre much longer than the average age of the ensemble. She was accepted as a student when she was twenty, and … Read more

The son of a famous Egyptian artist attacks Hussein Fahmy because of the Cairo Festival

A major crisis between two artistic families caused by the Cairo Film Festival, after the Egyptian artist Omar Hassan Youssef, the son of the famous Egyptian artist Hassan Youssef, went out to attack Hussein Fahmy, head of the Cairo Film Festival. The reason is due to Hussein Fahmy’s recent statements, in which he spoke about … Read more

The celebrities who stopped banking Agustín from Big Brother after his reprehensible sayings

Jimena Barón, Malena Guinzburg and the ex GH Martín Pepa, among others, targeted the controversial participant. In recent days, a video in which Agustín de Big Brother making reprehensible statements about what he does with the erotic photos that women send him and many celebrities who banked him decided get off the “frodoneta”. “Agustín just … Read more

Naomi Campbell, Iman Abdel Majeed and Yasmine Arsam are the most famous models who have achieved success despite the color of their race

Dark skin contributed to the world of fashion and beauty through the entry of beautiful models who were in addition to their female colleagues. The experience was not easy, and some of them were excluded, such as Naomi Campbell, who was supported by designer Yves Saint Laurent and used his influence to appear on the … Read more

A famous artist was taken to the hospital after she refused to fart in front of her lover

Among the strange news that may amaze you is what happened with the Brazilian actress Vivian de Queiroz Pereira, who was taken to the hospital a few months ago, because she refused to fart in front of her lover. And it turned out that this behavior, which she believes will embarrass her in front of … Read more

SEVENTEEN, NCT, iKON… 10 K-POP idols approaching enlistment in 2023! There are no exceptions even for famous idols… Big names who supported the music scene enlist one after another – KPOP monster

NEWS 2022.12.0315sd SEVENTEEN Jeonghan, NCT Taeyeon For K-POP idols who shine now,next year (2023)ToEnlistmentThere are many members who are approaching. korean menAbout 1.5 to 2 yearsIt is compulsory to enlist and train in the military for a certain period of time. Of course, celebrities such as K-pop idols and actors are no exception. On November … Read more

Anuel and Yailin, about to die during a plane landing in Monterrey; this happened to them

On his tour of the city of Monterrey, anuelone of the most successful singers of the moment, he was about to die along with his wife Yailin, since the glass of the plane was an instant away from exploding. Before giving his concert at the ‘Flow Fest’, Anuel shared through his social networks some images … Read more

Disgusting DISCOVERY about the ex-husband of a famous actress: For God’s sake! This is not human, but…

In the summer, we informed you that businessman, presenter and car mechanic Jesse James got married for the fifth time. The public also associates this man with the famous actress Sandra Bullock, with whom they were married in 2005-2010 and together they adopted a son, Louis. Recently, an actress also became his chosen one. But … Read more