Authorities order the immediate closure of two famous bars in Havana that belong to Raúl Castro’s grandchildren, for “violations of sanitary measures”

The authorities of the Provincial Defense Council of Havana ordered the immediate closure and suspension of the operating license to two famous bars in the capital of the country that belong to grandchildren of former president Raúl Castro. The first of them is the EFE Bar, located at the central intersection of 22nd and F … Read more

Lucía Guerrero, the other famous girlfriend of Iñigo Onieva (partner of Tamara Falcó)

Iñigo Onieva has become one of the most sought after people in the last few hours in heart media. His incipient relationship with Tamara Falcó (with whom he has been dating for just three months), which came to light this Monday in Vanitatis, has raised a tremendous stir around him. Everybody wants to know more … Read more

Does Natalia Téllez give clues about who will be the famous eliminated in “Who is the mask?”

Mexico.- Like a heart attack, this is how the reality show is currently Who is the mask? Conducted by Omar chaparro next to the beautiful actress Natalia Tellez. And as a result of the suspense generated that this second season is already coming to an end due to the fact that there are only 6 … Read more

Cosmo brings together famous faces to fight against gender violence – La Publicidad

Cosmo renews its commitment to the fight against Gender Violence with the premiere of a campaign that was presented virtually, with the presence of the directors and actors of the short film. This campaign consists of a reading of phrases and related situations that are part of the anonymous testimonies of women who have passed … Read more

Contestant of a famous TV show dies during filming after completing an obstacle course

Each participant must pass a medical examination, and paramedics work in the recording of the show. In the USA, a contestant on the show ‘Wipeout’ (also known as ‘Man Overboard’) passed away during filming on November 18 in Santa Clarita, California. The participant, in his 30s and who previously passed a mandatory medical examination, completed … Read more

The list of the 10 celebrities who generate the most money although they are already dead

Forbes magazine has compiled a list of the famous deceased who continue to generate the most money and the amounts are astronomical. Artists, musicians, athletes … They are no longer among us but they have left a great legacy and also continue to generate millions of dollars or euros. This is a male-dominated list and … Read more

The coronavirus dulls the voice of one of the most famous Latino announcers in La Villita | Video | Univision Chicago WGBO

Read transcript emergency treatment. a well-known Latin announcer from our area loses its life for covid19, leaving a large vaio among his friends. I go your friends and colleagues work they report their last moments of the day. beyond a life turn off the voice of one of the announcers dear of the little village. … Read more

Famous actor dies at 77. How he died?

Facebook Mustafa Nadarević, the legendary Bosnian actor, has passed away at the age of 77, as reported by Croatia Week, which announced the November 22 news. What was the cause of death? Nadarevic had been battling lung cancer and was recently sent home for care in Zagreb after time in hospital, Croatia Week reported. He … Read more

7 famous people suffering from rare diseases, in silence

In the Hollywood industry, several famous suffer from rare diseases, in silence. Pathologies make their days conditioned to different symptoms Y treatments that they have to carry out to combat them or in the worst case, feel better. We start with Selena Gomez, who suffers from lupus, an inflammatory disease caused when the immune system … Read more