Final Fantasy XIV: Raid Guide – Pandaemonium – Asphodelos Third Circle

Quest: The Fires of Asphodelos, unlocked after completing P2N. Questgeber: Themis Gates of Pandaemonium Foreword: The boss uses the same skill more often, but in two variants, so pay attention to the animation on the boss. Experimental Fire Feather: Boss animation 2 variants– Large Fireball -> To the edge of the arena, as a gigantic … Read more

Tower of Fantasy: guide to improve your weapons in your games | Hack | Walkthrough | Guide | Mexico | Spain | SPORT-PLAY

Tower of Fantasy, the massively multiplayer online game developed by Perfect World, requires players to keep track of a lot of different aspects. Within all of these, upgrading weapons is a recurring need because it directly affects the performance of players in the most intense battles. To spend resources on upgrading a weapon, players in … Read more

Tower of Fantasy introduces characters that should be found in the early game.

Finally, we experiencegame Tower of Fantasy (TOF) gameThe MMORPG Openworld is very hot and of course.gameThere is an element of gacha that we have to find a character or weapon to increase the ability. And today, we would like to introduce you to interesting characters. As for what’s going on, let’s go see it! SS … Read more

After a few hours with Tower of Fantasy, this new free RPG aims to repeat the success of Genshin Impact

A quality free open world RPG? Tower of Fantasy follows in the footsteps of Genshin Impact by giving us a quality free-to-play video game, which has already fascinated many players. I’ll tell you what its potential is. I can’t hide that I was quite looking forward to it. Tower of Fantasy. From the first time … Read more

Tower of Fantasy Codes (Août 2022)

Tower of Fantasy Redemption Codes The various lists list all of the available codesor which have been, classified according to their date of appearance on Tower of Fantasy. These codes allow you to recover several bonuses, mainly gold coins or dark crystal, which will be useful to you during your adventure. However, sometimes Hotta Studio, … Read more

Tower of Fantasy is out now, but where can you download the MMO for free if not on Steam?

Games come and go, and when you go for a flashy approach to catch players’ attention, there’s bound to be a “spiritual successor.” Genshin Impactthe multiplayer that stood out in 2020 and is still one of the most interesting free bets on PC and mobile today, has seen how Tower of Fantasy arises to fight … Read more

They ensure that the Tower of Fantasy waifus were censored in the West — Kudasai

Perhaps you already noticed it on social networks, but the MMORPG video game Tower of Fantasy is being a trend because it is about to be launched globally. Some have even called him the “Genshin-killer”, although it doesn’t make much sense considering they are from completely different genres. However, what drew attention recently was that … Read more

“Nine Songs of Fantasy”, the legendary love song of Kao Sawan, opens on CBT 16 – 18 August! Pre-registration is available for both iOS and Android.

Nine Songs of Fantasy : The Legend of Nine Heavenly Love Songs The most spectacular Chinese MMORPG mobile game of the year from PlayPark. Confirmed! Ready to open for the fighters to join the test of the game during Closed Beta on 16 – 18 August for sure! For those who have not pre-registered, there … Read more