Jean Paul Strauss son appeared in ‘La Gran Estrella’ VIDEO and surprises the jury with his singing Gisela Valcárcel farándula | SHOWS

TALENT. Nicholas Straussson of the famous Jean Paul Strauss, was presented as a participant in Gisela Valcárcel’s reality show ‘La Gran Estrella’, which premiered last Saturday, August 6. The 24-year-old had an excellent presentation and captivated the jury led by music producer Sergio George. READ ALSO: Andrés Hurtado reproaches the mother of the family LIVE: … Read more

Melissa Klug began treatment to have a daughter with Jesús Barco: “I’m going to give him his princess” La Fe de Cuto de Trome VIDEO Farándula | SHOWS

IS INSURED. Melissa Klug chatted with The Faith of Cuto de Trome and provided details of the treatment she undergoes to become a mother again, this time with Jesús Barco, with whom she is engaged. READ ALSO: ‘La Fe de Cuto’ celebrates its first anniversary with Melissa Klug, ‘Loco’ Vargas, ‘Foca’ Farfán and more According … Read more

Magaly Medina fights LIVE with Lucy Cabrera for the Ronald Hidalgo case: “I don’t like cheap shows” Farándula | SHOWS

EVERYTHING GOT OUT OF CONTROL. Magaly Medina starred in a tense confrontation LIVE with Lucy Cabrerathe lawyer of Ronald Hidalgo, who is known for being an imitator of Juan Gabriel. The former vedette wanted to enter the set to pronounce on the case involving the copycat’s son, but the Magpie prevented it. More information: Lucy … Read more

Ronald Hidalgo impersonator juan Gabriel answers mother of his son Magaly TV VIDEO | FARandula | | SHOWCASE

the imitator of Juan Gabriel, Ronald Hidalgo ‘Juan Gabriel from I am’, responded to the accusations of his son’s mother, who assures that he does not let him see the minor, in an interview for Magaly TV. According to the artist, they were the ones who invited their Lisset Cárdenas to visit the child, because … Read more

Sergio Peña is supported smiling from ear to ear with a blonde: “While Tepha was doing drama,” says Samu Suárez VIDEO Farándula | SHOWS

¡FELIZ! Sergio Pena He was caught with a huge smile while standing next to a blonde. The video shared by Instarándula, dates from yesterday, precisely the soccer player shared stories of this exit; however, he later eliminated them. READ ALSO: Tepha posts a photo in a wheelchair and hints at Peña: “If they don’t love … Read more

Daniela Camaiora about her husband: “He was the typical boy you meet in a disco and there he stays” | Farándula | SHOWS

She is a film and television actress, and we met her for the charismatic and crazy character of ‘La flacucha’ in the Peruvian series ‘There is room in the background’. Hoy, Daniela Camaiora She feels that she has fulfilled two of her greatest dreams: being the mother of Ania, who has just turned one year … Read more

Angie Jibaja is shown reading the bible after removing tattoos: “This book should not depart from your mouth” Farándula | SHOWS

Angie Jibaja He reappeared on his social networks by publishing a photograph in which he appears with the bible after announcing that he removed his tattoos to ‘clean your soul inside and out’. MORE INFORMATION: Angie Jibaja removes her tattoos: “Cleaning inside and out” In the publication, Angie Jibaja appears smiling and accompanies her photo … Read more

Pharaoh Love Shady is protected by a strong security cordon despite the fact that no one approaches Farándula | SHOWS

A video in which he appears went viral on TikTok Faráon Love Shady being protected by several security agents, prior to a show that he was going to perform in the north of the country. The singer thus shows that he is one of the characters of the moment. READ ALSO: Pharaoh Love Shady’s tiradera … Read more

Renzo Schuller and Johanna San Miguel fight in This is war and remember Gian Piero Díaz Video Farándula RMMN | SHOWS

There was a tense moment in the recent edition of “This is war” after Renzo Schuller y Johanna San Miguel They got into a verbal fight. This situation arose because Johanna wanted to address the production because of the way a competition was being conducted. However, she was interrupted by some members of ‘The Fighters’ … Read more

Movistar: These are the signals that leave the cable TV service from July 1 | July 1 Movistar Sony AXN A&E E! Entertainment Telemundo Farándula RMMN | TVMAS

Movistar It has just announced that from this Friday, July 1, 11 of the most popular channels of its pay TV service will leave its grid, just as it happened a few months ago with the channels owned by The Walt Disney Company. MIRA: Movistar TV: What channels will enter the programming grid from this … Read more