Erick Elera and Allison Pastor: The actor reveals they got married in a hurry | Farándula | America Television | My mom cooks better than yours | SHOWS

Erick Elera revealed that he fattens his wife Allison Pastor and they got married in a hurry. Why? The actor and host revealed that his eldest daughter was in Lima on those dates and they wanted her to be a participant in the ceremony. The remembered ‘fish-faced boy’ gave more details of their union. SIGHT: … Read more

Ruby Palomino surpasses the artist of the year sentence after winning Elías Montalvo nothing is said reality interview farandula | SHOWS

The public saved her and she excelled at the best in the third gala! This Saturday, Ruby Palomino shone with her own light in The Artist of the Year after performing the songs “Valicha”, “Ananao” and “Corazón contento” with Fredy Ortiz, founder of the Peruvian hard rock group “Uchpa”. LOOK HERE | “The Artist of … Read more

Does Melissa Paredes join Women in Command? This says Thais Casalino | Farándula | SHOWS

Thais Casalino assured that he would have no problems working alongside Melissa Paredes in ‘Women in command’, after rumors that she would enter the Latina magazine. SIGHT: Magaly calls Gisela a hypocrite for a photo in a motorcycle taxi: “She rides in a Mercedes Benz” “I have not heard any rumors of their entry into … Read more

Silvina Luna told shocking details of her pain after suffering malpractice | DiaryShow

More than a decade ago the first escraches were made to the doctor Aníbal Lotocki, after several Argentine celebrities denounced him for malpractice. One of them was Silvina Luna who to this day is still in trial with the surgeon and still does not have a verdict from the Justice. Against this, Pampita He was … Read more

Sheyla Rojas interview responds to Advíncula’s mother for saying that it was ‘not worth’ for her son: “He doesn’t know me” | Farándula | SHOWS

IT IS CONFESSED. Sheyla Rojas She was recently in Peru with her boyfriend, Sir Winston. Images of the ex-blonde at a party with Magaly Medina and her husband, Alfredo Zambrano, went viral on social networks and she was also encouraged to visit her old television home on the program ‘En Boca de Todos’. However, days … Read more

Pamela Franco ‘chanca’ to The Artist of the Year after elimination of Christian Domínguez: “I did not want him to expose himself to be judged” | Farándula | SHOWS

Pamela Franco spoke openly about the controversial elimination of Christian Domínguez in the second season of 2021 of The Artist of the Year, after facing Elías Montalvo and losing due to the lack of support from the public in the voting. SIGHT: Fiorella Méndez gets ‘angry’ with a Peluchín reporter after asking about Pedro Loli: … Read more

“La 1-5 / 18”: rain of criticism on social networks for a particular rap in the series | DiaryShow

“The 1-5 / 18” It hasn’t gone unnoticed since the first trailer came out. The El Trece strip is one of the most watched programs on Argentine television, but not all the reception is positive. Through social media, some scenes go viral and receive questions about the way they approach poverty and life in the … Read more

Pedro Loli | Fiorella Méndez explodes against a singer ?: “I was tolerant for several years, but I was never respected” farándula | SHOWS

Fiorella Mendez He surprised all his followers with a powerful message on Instagram, just hours after the singer and businessman Pedro Loli, his ex-partner, appeared on television and pointed out that the separation has been the best decision for both. READ ALSO: Angie Arizaga and Deyvis Orosco: images of their passionate kiss are leaked … … Read more

Ángelo Fukuy: His wife is overly affectionate with Jonatan Rojas on the day of their marriage | Farándula | SHOWS

AT HER WEDDING. Angelo Fukuy married Wendy Dyer little more than a week. As it was known, the Free Zone singer had seven bachelor parties, but an image of his now wife drew more attention due to his close proximity to Jonatan Rojas. SIGHT: Fiorella Méndez explodes against Pedro Loli ?: “I was tolerant for … Read more

Carlos Cacho tells details about his boyfriend: “He tells me you are a blessing, I feel the rose of Guadalupe” farándula | SHOWS

For the first time, Carlos Cacho He spoke about his love life and told details of his courtship with Erinson, with whom he has been in a relationship for more than seven years. The makeup artist offered an interview to the program ‘Vida y Milagros’ by the journalist Milagros Leiva on his YouTube channel and … Read more