Mario Irivarren confesses the madness of love he made for Alejandra Baigorria web ojo farandula | EYE-SHOW

Strong declarations. Mario Irivarren surprised locals and strangers by confessing that when he was part of the reality show “Combate”, he lived in love with Alejandra Baigorriawho at the time was in a relationship with Mario Hart. And it is that the exchico reality was uncovered for the channel Youtube “COM FM”, where he commented … Read more

Gino Pesaressi burst into tears due to the surprise of Mariana Vértiz, ex-partner, mother of his daughter. VIDEO: “She changed me for the better” The Great Show farándula | SHOWS

Gino Pesaressi broke down in tears in the middle of the program ‘The big show’ after the production shared a video where his daughter Gia appears sending him greetings and acknowledging what a good father he is. The exhicoreality was surprised by his ex-partner Mariana Vertizalso Natalie’s sisterwas the one who made the ‘gift’ possible. … Read more

Ethel Pozo leaves Janet Barboza on the floor if she falls VIDEO host asks that they send her a memo you have no apologies America Hoy farándula | SHOWS

STRONG DECLARATIONS! In America Today, Ethel Pozo warned that if Janet Barboza The best thing would be to leave her on the floor, since she could injure herself more, so she would not move her and wait for them to give her attention, this after commenting on Jota Benz’s injury. READ ALSO: Hosts of “América … Read more

Janet Barboza takes her tripod to the wedding of Valeria Piazza and Ethel Pozo and Brunella Horna annoy her VIDEO “What a shame” América Hoy farándula | SHOWS

Valeria Piazza and Pierre Cateriano got married this Saturday in a luxurious and intimate moment. Different personalities from América TV came to the ceremony and party, including members of América Hoy. Ethel Pozo y Brunella Horna were some of the drivers who arrived early and were surprised when Janet Barboza He appeared with his selfie … Read more

Giselo Edson Dávila passes roche when head of América Televisión lowers him from the stage in pre-sale 2023 channel VIDEO: “What a shame” farándula | SHOWS

HE DID IT AGAIN. Edson Davilaknown as Sealedwas one of the main figures that appeared at the event that held ‘america television’ as part of its 2023 presale, however, a casual video went viral. The co-host of ‘América Hoy’ did the same as at Ethel Pozo’s wedding and got on a platform. READ ALSO: Jessica … Read more

Hugo García suffered the theft of his cell phone at the Bad Bunny concert and explodes: “They take it easy” National Stadium farándula | SHOWS

UNTIL WHEN PERU. Hugo Garcia He is another victim of the constant robberies in the country. The reality boy denounced that he had his cell phone stolen on the outskirts of the National Stadiumsports venue that hosted the first concert of Bad Bunny the last Sunday, November 13. READ ALSO: Ethel Pozo was able to … Read more

Lorena Álvarez reveals that they removed her uterus VIDEO: “Nobody plans this at 38, but it touched me” farándula | SHOWS

A LOT OF STRENGTH. Lorraine Alvarez appeared on her social networks from a stretcher at a local clinic thanking the support of the people closest to her after the operation she underwent. The journalist revealed that she had her uterus removed at the age of 38 due to complicated endometriosis. READ ALSO: Jefferson Farfán confesses … Read more

The Great Show Giuliana Rengifo’s former dancer, George Neyra, breaks down and reveals that “he’s not doing well” VIDEO “I’ll contact EGS production” FARANDULA | SHOWS

DOESN’T HAVE A GOOD TIME. The dancer george neyradouble of Giuliana Rengifo, appeared visibly affected after learning that he was removed from The Great Show. According to Ethel Pozo, the young man did not appear in rehearsals with the singer and for that he was sanctioned. “He was sleepless and had been drinking,” he said. … Read more

Ethel Pozo reveals that Michelle Soifer censored her and called the entire channel after she told her skeleton VIDEO Farándula | SHOWS

WHAT? Ethel Pozo was pronounced after Michelle Soifer said she doesn’t want to go to America Today because of the comments they made about her wardrobe. “I don’t like them to make rash comments,” she said. READ ALSO: Melissa and the ‘Gato’ share the preparations for their daughter’s birthday: “Today is a super special date” … Read more

Michelle Soifer ‘Little Prince’ denounces that she is the victim of threats after talking about a reality girl and Jefferson Farfán: “They tell me ‘something is going to happen to you’” VIDEO Farándula | SHOWS

After the ‘little Prince‘ revealed that Michelle Soifer y Jefferson Farfan They were messaging each other during their relationship, Giuseppe Benignini denounced that he has been receiving threats on his Instagram account. READ ALSO: Michelle Soifer would have had an affair with the “Foquita” and even asked her for money, reveals the “Little Prince” “They … Read more