Ghada Gamal, a child, “My Story with Time”: My father rejected the offers of Farid Shawqi and Hassan Al-Imam

Mahmoud Turk Friday, May 19, 2023 10:00 AM She said Ghada Jamal Famous for “The Child of My Story with Time,” her father rejected all the offers that came to her to continue her path in the art world after the success of the famous movie issued in 1974, including an offer from the star … Read more

Sandra Mathews: “I still have a backpack that is Farid Ode” | show business | IMP | SHOWS

Sandra Mathews He returned to live in Peru, after living in Chile for a few months, to be close to his daughter and announced that he will relaunch his Onlyfans. Furthermore, she said that the father of her daughter, Farid OdeSometimes she doesn’t remember that he is her ex-husband and checks her out. “I was … Read more

Farid Ode says that he is not maintained: “I played the conchudo, the one who did not work, but I was always a job and I already hung up my chimpunes” | show business | IMP | SHOWS

Farid Ode He will celebrate 15 years with his cebicheria La Fogatita Marina‘ and he says that this fame of ‘maintained’ was just a role he played to make people laugh in show business because he was always a ‘chamba’ man. Now, at 49 years old, he has corrected his mistakes, he lives quietly, he … Read more

Towards a more spring-like second half of April? Farid answers your weather question

Hello Dimitri, of course it’s still a bit far to predict the weather for a village in 9 days. We are expecting a fairly variable next week with rainy spells interspersed with calm under generally seasonal temperatures. After a last disturbance on Friday, the high pressures could reinflate more durably at the very end of … Read more

Farid answers your weather question: “Will there be dry weather this Thursday?”

Hi Stephanie! It’s going to be a bit complicated, because we’re expecting a lot of instability this Thursday. A pocket of cold high altitude air will pass over the country, which will induce the formation of numerous showers. Perhaps drier weather in the early morning, but the first showers will arrive around 10-11 a.m. in … Read more