Salmon and sardines. Omega-3 fatty acids can save patients with covid

Sufficient long-chain omega-3 fatty acids – EPA, DHA, DPA – can increase the ability of cell membranes to prevent inflammation in the patient’s body. The difference in the response of an organism equipped with enough omega-3 fatty acids to SARS-CoV-2 can also save a patient’s life. This was demonstrated by a COMED study aimed at … Read more

food. Lean or fatty fish: can you tell the difference?

Like 86% of French people You have certainly heard the expression “fatty fish” and the corresponding “lean fish”. While these concepts are well known, their meaning remains unclear. Only 39% say they can distinguish species according to these two categories. .. This lack of knowledge goes against the recommendations of the National Authority for Food, … Read more

Fatty liver disease increases the risk of serious complications

His name can make you smile if it isn’t so ubiquitous and harmful. Hepatic steatosis, the real name of non-alcoholic steatosis, affects 18.2% of the French population, or about 8 million of us. It is difficult to diagnose and can lead to serious complications such as liver cancer. And pregnant women can never escape. explanation. … Read more

Very rare fish species are found in the Baltic Sea – fatty fish, sea urchin and halibut / Leaf herring / Article

During the research of the Baltic Sea reefs, this summer the researchers found very rare and protected fish species – fat fish, sea urchin and halibut, as well as obtained valuable data on the condition of the seabed habitats, the Nature Protection Board informed. A team of ichthyologists with a fishing vessel from the port … Read more

Fatty liver was more common in children of obese mothers

Through the national cohort study ESPRESSO, all children and young adults under the age of 25 were identified with non-alcohol-related fatty liver (NAFLD), verified by biopsy (n = 165). The median age was 12 years. Information on the mothers’ BMI during early pregnancy was obtained from the Medical Birth Register. The results show that children … Read more

Children of overweight mothers are at greater risk of getting fatty liver – P4 Örebro

It is a freight train loaded with sleepers that is burning in society with heavy smoke development as a result. There is a risk of unhealthy smoke. The rescue leader urges everyone in the area to go indoors and close doors, windows and ventilation. For more information listen to Swedish Radio P4 Kronoberg. .

Maternal obesity increases the risk of fatty liver in children

Researchers’ conclusion is that children of mothers with obesity, which is defined as BMI over 30, had over three times the risk of being diagnosed with fatty liver compared to children whose mothers were of normal weight during pregnancy. The study was conducted by Karolinska Institutet and Harvard University and is published in the Journal … Read more

Fatty liver causes two serious diseases!

Obesity, diabetes and cholesterol increase risk Leaf, evaluating the increase in the incidence of cirrhosis due to obesity, said, “The incidence of fatty liver in people with problems such as diabetes, obesity, high cholesterol is around 40 to 80 percent. 1/3 to 2/3 of those with diabetes have fatty liver. 90 percent of individuals with … Read more

How to tell if you have fatty liver

Stating that fatty liver does not usually give any symptoms, Prof. Dr. Onur Yaprak shared information about possible symptoms. Widespread use of processed foods containing many additives, glucose syrup, fructose, fast food, inactivity, and obesity have brought along fatty liver, a disease of the modern age. Prof. from Medipol Mega University Hospital Organ Transplant Department. … Read more

Eating fatty fish can reduce the number and intensity of migraines

In a new study, researchers have successfully shown that a diet high in fatty fish helps calm chronic migraines. Many people suffer from chronic migraines around the world. Unfortunately, no treatment exists for the moment to treat this pathology. Research has already made it possible to prove that the sport or electrostimulation made it possible … Read more