Cheikh Faye, the super fan of You who participated in all the big balls

Bercy: Cheikh Faye, the super fan of You who participated in all the big balls From 1985, when Youssou Ndour opened for French singer Jacques Higelain, to the last edition of the grand bal de Bercy in 2017, Cheikh Faye, a fan of the king of Mbalax, was regularly in the front row. L’Observateur met … Read more

Yoonu Bercy – Mbaye Dièye Faye “spoils” Youssou Ndour’s show

King You was like an enchanter for his fans so much he got high this Friday at the Grand Théâtre Doudou Ndiaye Rose. The fans of “You mou Mame Marie Sene Mawo” were in heaven, the Super Etoile assured and Youssou was as if boosted. But the catch; it was when his “twin” Mbaye Dièye … Read more

Boy Pakorn Yok Faye is an influential person. Lean that there is no promotion, always focusing on

Boy Pakorn Yok Faye is an influential person. Leaning that there is no promotion, focusing regularly, swiping up to receive a pair of jobs Revealing that the mother cheers – likes the female side Follow the news, press follow, live news Go out of work often for a pair of young protagonists Boy Pakorn Chatborirak … Read more

Netflix wants to charge the 100 million households that benefit from sharing accounts without a subscription

Hundred. It is, in millions, the number of households that take advantage of shared accounts to watch streaming programs on Netflix without authorization. A dizzying figure that weighs on the growth of the world number one in video on demand. To combat this scourge, Netflix is ​​currently conducting tests in Chile, Peru and Costa Rica. … Read more

April 25, 2018 – April 25, 2022: Habib Faye, 4 years old already! –

Advertisement Disappeared four years ago, to the day, Habib Faye remains, to this day, one of the most famous Senegalese and African musicians in the world. His incredible talent as a bass player, in particular, but also his versatility, his audacity and his generosity in artistic sharing have made him an inexhaustible source of inspiration. … Read more

His nephew Yéyé Faye pays tribute to him

Yéyé Faye pays tribute to Habib Faye Four years ago (April 25, 2018) Habib Faye, one of the greatest bass players on the continent, passed away. His immense talent, his vision and his compositions have made him a true architect of music. On the occasion of the fourth anniversary of his death, his nephew, Yéyé … Read more

Kim Kardashian dreams of starting her own law firm

Having just launched her range of swimsuits for her underwear brand Skims at a party in Miami, the Kardashian clan star seems to have other plans for the future. If she will soon be back on our screens with the broadcast of the family’s new reality TV show, called “The Kardashians”, the ex-wife of Kanye … Read more

Wally Seck-Ndiaga Ndour case, the Turks are breaking the silence? (Senego TV)

News in the Wally Seck – Ndiaga Ndour affair. Indeed, in a communicated relayed by L’Obs, the company Audio Pole which was in charge of the production of the ceremony, restored the truth and cleared Ndiaga Ndour. Listen !

Boy Pakorn quits wither, talks Faye Pornpawee, very happy, likes everything about him.

love is good It’s like when we study together. Starting from where I… already know each other I’ve met at work already. But who really know each other because he is a friend of a friend in the same group of friends So we got to know each other start talking more he is cute … Read more

“CHRISTMAS IN DAKAR” – Youssou Ndour electrifies the crowd at Place du Souvenir

This Saturday, December 25 of the year 2021, everything was legendary in this show by Youssou Ndour and the Super Etoile on the esplanade known as the Place du Souvenir. An unprecedented performance, one of the singer’s most sensational, at the height of his art. “It looks like You have rejuvenated” suggested a lady, round … Read more