How important is it that your smartphone is ready for 5G networks – FayerWayer

When it comes to purchasing a smartphone, the most natural thing is that multiple doubts and factors arise whose analysis and conclusions will end up determining the phone model we will acquire. But now in this 2022 it would be very prudent to add a new question to the questionnaire: how important is it that … Read more

Dell also tests reverse wireless charging on its laptops, reveals an Apple-like patent – ​​FayerWayer

It seems that the charging mechanism of the future is put the cell phone on a laptop. A recent patent Dell reveals that the American company is working on a feature for reverse wireless charging, similar to one it introduced Apple. Basically, the patent shows that Dell think about using the surfaces of your laptops … Read more

GFP-GAN, the artificial intelligence tool that restores old photos and converts them into current images – FayerWayer

That old photo of grandma in sepia format can become a current image, as if it was taken on a recent birthday. Between the interesting and even a little terrifying, they have developed GFP-GANa artificial intelligence that makes it possible to modernize an old photograph. There are AI applications that create new images, but fixing … Read more

They abandoned him in space and thanks to that he became the first human to achieve a “trip to the future” – FayerWayer

Time travel is a matter of widely developed in science fiction. Situations like those that happen to Marty Mcfly or the Avengers are not part of reality. Although there is technically one person in the world who in the 1990s became in the first to achieve a trip to the future. Is about Sergei Krikalev, … Read more

There is a vaccine against monkeypox – FayerWayer

After confirming 16 thousand cases of monkey pox Only in Europe, the World Health Organization (WHO) declared the highest level of alert, which triggered the extension, by the European Commission, of a vaccine that stops the increase of the disease. “This approval of the monkeypox vaccine is an example of good cooperation between Bavarian Nordic … Read more

These are the new devices that would use the USB-C port – FayerWayer

Apple and its products are intended to carry the USB-C port. Organizations such as the Parliament of the European Union have demanded the universal use of this type of connection from 2024, so the beloved Lightning connector is destined to disappear. The company’s director, Tim Cook, has not been 100 percent in agreement with the … Read more

Why was the soil on Mars dyed blue? This says NASA – FayerWayer

Marte It is historically known as the red planet, but there is a phenomenon that occurs in Martian territory that makes its surface can be dyed blueexplained by the NASA. Recently, the us space agency shared an altered image of the second smallest planet in the Solar System, in a bright teal lathe. The publication … Read more

The theory that assures that Eddie Munson could be 010 and that he is still alive – FayerWayer

the of Eddie Munson was one of the most interesting characters in the fourth season of Stranger Things, winning the hearts of fans and becoming, for many, the best of the series. Played by Joseph Quinn (Game of Thrones), Eddie’s supposed ending was terrifying: we all saw how he died devoured by the bats of … Read more

Apple subtly criticizes those who still buy protective cases with the iPhone 13 Pro with this video – FayerWayer

We all remember that uncomfortable episode you experienced Apple in 2014 with the BentGate and his iPhone 6 Plus. Between that phone and practically the following 3 generations, the story was almost always the same: the phone had to be treated with extreme care. Since any fall, sitting with the device in the pants pocket … Read more

Captain America can lift his shield and Mjölnir, but Chris Evans finds his new iPhone heavy – FayerWayer

Chris Evans personified Captain America in the main phases of Marvel, when he was the owner and lord of his shield, also raising Thor’s Mjölnir in Avengers: Endgame. But there are heavier things for him, for example, his new Apple iPhone 12. Let us remember that the actor, who currently stars The Gray Man by … Read more