How to charge your cell phone when there is no electricity at home – FayerWayer

We have all seen ourselves in this unfortunate situation at some time where we are at home and then out of nowhere the power goes out, the electricity supply in the place is cut off and with it the possibility of charging our cell phone or smartphone that apparently vanishes. the battery is about to … Read more

Artificial intelligence looking for aliens caught eight signals that caught the attention of scientists – FayerWayer

Is it true that they are already here? It is impossible to know. What is certain is that science is searching for a civilization of aliens confirming that we are not alone in the vast universe. Artificial Intelligence, in addition to being used as tool that shows us Shakira at 60 years oldIt also has … Read more

Elon Musk’s Satellite Internet Coming Soon to Smartphones Worldwide – FayerWayer

2023 will be a key year for telecommunications. Starlink, the satellite internet of Elon Musk, will reach smartphones worldwide, after the partnership between SpaceX and T-Mobile. This year there will be the first tests with the satellite-to-cellular service, as confirmed Jonathan Hofeller, Vice President of Enterprise Sales for Starlink at SpaceX. Next panel up at … Read more

Sexy fan art shows Kaulifla and Kale as Super Saiyan 4 – FayerWayer

One of the most acclaimed arcs of Dragon Ball Super It is the Universal Survival Arc, also known as the Tournament of Strength Arc, fourth in the manga and fifth in the anime, in which we first saw Kaulifla and Kale. Also Known As Caulifla, this warrior is a Saiyan from Planet Sadala of Universe … Read more

Juno probe reveals unprecedented images of Io, Jupiter’s volcanic moon – FayerWayer

The Juno space probe NASA has caught Jupiter’s moon Io 51,500 kilometers away, a volcanic satellite from which we now we have more colorful pictures taken on march 1st. According to a report published on the website of hypertextualthe moon of the Jovian planet shows its volcanoes Lei-Kung Fluctus, Amaterasu Patera, Dazhbog Patera, Girru Oriental … Read more

Oppo A17: a smartphone with a great balance between price, quality and elegance – FayerWayer

It must be said: Oppo is doing things right. Equipment with batteries that perform incredibly, good balances in their benefits and prices for everyone. And we are precisely reviewing a team that is balanced in these aspects, but also, once you have it in your hands, you will see its incredible quality and premium appearance … Read more

James Webb Telescope Captures Data On Galaxies So Beastly They May Be A Supermassive Black Hole – FayerWayer

When NASA released the James Webb Space Telescope (JWST)for its acronym in English) we sensed that a new era would open in the history of space exploration and the study of the stars. However, in this short period of time we have been able to verify that any previous expectations around this device were really … Read more

“It’s quite a dangerous technology” – FayerWayer

Elon Musk has again warned of the dangers of artificial intelligence (AI) during Tesla’s Investor Day 2023 presentation, demonstrating his fear for this technology and even assuring that, in part, he is responsible for it. At the presentation, Musk was asked by one of the company’s investors about the potential impact AI could have on … Read more

let’s meet Apollo – FayerWayer

Many times we have talked about the possibility of robots replacing astronauts in future trips to space. Today we will learn about a project promoted by the NASA of a humanoid robot: Apollo. The company Apptronik is behind its construction, with NASA as a partner to market it. The interest of the North American space … Read more

Construction on the Moon and Mars? This is everything you need to know about the Olympus Project – FayerWayer

At NASA has an established objective: to create human colonies on the Moon and Mars, in the medium-long term. To this end, it has promoted not only the Artemis Program, that seeks to bring the first woman and the next man to our natural satellite, but also the Olympus Project. What specifically does the latter … Read more