Is 2023 a good time to change? –FayerWayer

Since its release we have witnessed the appearance of a brutal number of failures and bugs with Windows 11. This was a natural thing to expect, it happened exactly the same when Windows 10 hit the market. but for this November 26, 2022 the new platform will have fulfilled more than a year to have … Read more

he stole $1,000 USD in cards and his bail was $50,000 USD – FayerWayer

A man in Dallas, Texas, identified as Charles James Pointer, was recently arrested for allegedly stealing more than $1,000 worth of Pokémon cards and was charged with multiple crimesincluding criminal conspiracy. The 31-year-old thief was recently arrested by the Albany Police Department on suspicion of stealing at least $1,000 worth of cards. Reports indicate that … Read more

These are the wonderful images of Jupiter captured by the Juno space probe – FayerWayer

The exploration of our own solar system has made significant progress thanks to individual missions to planets such as the Juno project of the NASA. This space probe traveled to Jupiter in 2011 and arrived in 2016. And in addition to collecting data from the gas giant, it does the same with its surroundings. This … Read more

the component shortage is finally over – FayerWayer

It seems like yesterday, but in reality more than two years have passed since the moment the world finally met the RaspBerry Pi 4. A generation change that hardware fans have been asking for for quite some time and that we could say turned out very well. Its predecessor, the Raspberry Pi 3 Model B+ … Read more

are sleeping in their offices to meet your demands – FayerWayer

what of Elon Musk on Twitter is already bordering on extreme situations. Your employees are sleeping on the floor of their offices to meet your demands: if they don’t, they can even be fired. Musk’s ultimatum is to create an account verification payment system before November 7, or they will be left “on the street”. … Read more

is a new era born? – FayerWayer

When Xiaomi confirmed that he would become the new partner of Leica to integrate its lenses and technology into future smartphone models we knew what to expect something big. But we never measure how much. Now the company has presented its new Xiaomi 12S Ultra Concept where we have a device of great power but … Read more

They filter images, specifications and release date of the next Apple cell phone – FayerWayer

The iPhone SE 4the next generation of Apple’s low cost cell phone, has not been officially announced, but it seems that it will be a reality, after images and specifications of the smartphone will be leaked on the Internet. We are not yet sure if it will be called SE 4 or SE 2023, but … Read more

Ragnarök, with an impressive result – FayerWayer

God of War: Ragnarök promises as one of the video games of the year. Its launch is expected for next November 9, for the PlayStation 4 y 5, with development by Santa Monica Studio and marketing by Sony Interactive Entertainment. And the hype that he has generated is so great that new images of him … Read more