New York court acquits two men convicted of murder of activist Malcolm X – CT24 – Czech Television

Judge Ellen Biben has now overturned the two men’s convictions following a nearly two-year investigation by their lawyers and the Manhattan Prosecutor’s Office. Prosecutor Cyrus Vance said on Wednesday that the couple had not received the justice they deserved and that the prosecutor’s office would seek acquittal. When Biben agreed to the move, applause erupted … Read more

Is a deadly virus reappearing? Smallpox ampoules discovered at a US / FBI lab on alert

While cleaning a freezer in a vaccine research unit in Pennsylvania, YOUR, a lab discovered several AMPOULES frozen labeled “smallpox”, Launching an investigation that is led by FBI and Centers for Disease Prevention and Control, CDC. Only two laboratories in the world – a CDC laboratory in Atlanta, Georgia and one laboratory of biological weapons … Read more

FBI launches investigation after finding deadly smallpox virus in America

©  © Jim West The FBI is investigating 15 vials found in a lab in the state of Philadelphia. Five of the vials are said to be labeled ‘smallpox’, a deadly virus that was considered ‘eradicated’ in 1980. The fifteen bottles were found in a pharmaceutical lab on Tuesday by an employee who was cleaning … Read more

An analyst linked to the Trump-Russia dossier has been detained by the FBI for lying

ASV arrested someone Russian An analyst who worked on documentation that made unsubstantiated allegations about former President Donald Trump’s links to the Kremlin writes the British broadcaster BBC. Content will continue after the ad Advertising The US Department of Justice has indicted 43-year-old Igor Danchenko for lying to the FBI. He was detained in connection … Read more

The FBI and police did not respond to January 6 tips

Several police agencies received a series of tips that warned of what ended up being the violent storming of Congress, but did not respond. Supporters of then-President Donald Trump stormed Congress in Washington on January 6. Foto: Shannon Stapleton / Reuters / NTB 31. oct. 2021 20:54 Last updated 26 minutes ago Among the agencies … Read more

End of search. The fiancé of the murdered blogger is also dead, the FBI confirmed

It took the US FBI less than twenty-four hours to confirm that the human remains found by investigators in a nature reserve in Florida belong to Brian Laundrie. The 23-year-old man was the fiancé of the murdered blogger Gabba Petit. The case of her killing has attracted worldwide attention. Police have been searching for Laundri … Read more

Murder of Gabby Petito. FBI confirms: remains of wanted Brian Laundri found | News from the world

The man’s body was discovered on Wednesday, October 20 in the swampy area of ​​Carlton Nature Reserve, which is located in central Florida in United States. Near the body, investigators also discovered a backpack and a notebook that belonged to Brian. – So far we haven’t looked at the notebook that was not in the … Read more