From Cyprus to Malta, Liberec reports reinforcement. It could be a bomb, Folprecht responded

In the north of Bohemia, the African player should visit until the end of the current season. “The terms of his transfer to Liberec are being fine-tuned,” said Liberec. After the autumn part, the North Bohemians lost their best scorer Mick van Buren, whom Slavia took on loan after a famous autumn. In the first … Read more

He could congratulate his cousin from Slavia. The transfers were successful, reports record holder Červ

In autumn, Lukáš Červ played 1,310 minutes in the domestic competition for the blue-and-white team, the most of any of coach Luboš Kozl’s charges. The second is Plechatý (1290) and the Mikula bronze (1283). “It suprised me. I came to Liberec with the idea that I wanted to get into the starting lineup right away, … Read more

Liberec is losing a star. Van Buren is heading back to Slavia

With his performances in the autumn, Mick van Buren talked about returning to Eden, where his contract expires at the end of June. Although after the last match against Olomouc in the round of 16 of the domestic cup at the end of November, he still assumed that he would stay on loan under Ještěd … Read more

Another Van Buren hat trick. I’ll have a couple of beers, so a lot of water, he said in response to the Innkeeper

When he scored a hat-trick in the league in August and talked about a celebration involving “a few beers”, he offended biathlete Michal Krčmář. Now the Dutch striker of Liberec Mick van Buren once again made his mark three times in the round of 16 of the cup against Olomouc. <p style="box-sizing: border-box; –tw-border-spacing-x: 0; … Read more

Humble about the early end of his career: I was relieved when I wrote this to my wife

Many of his former teammates are still preparing for the next football game week after week. He ended his career as a professional athlete before he was thirty. The guest of the next episode of the Bez frazí plus podcast is former national team defender of French Montpellier and Slavia Lukáš Pokorný. He started in … Read more

How important it is for Liberec to have van Buren. He is having the best season in the Czech Republic, says Koubek

He is currently among the 7 most productive players in the league with 10 “Canadian points”. “Mick is the most important difference player for us. He has nine goals and no one else has even two, which says it all. Even against Hradec Králové he was a difference player,” says Liberec coach Luboš Kozel. He … Read more

I’m deleting Van Buren from the phone, said Horejš. He had an interview with Pelta during the week

Mick van Buren played a total of 34 games in Dynamo under David Horejš, but he had no mercy for the endangered coach. After the fourth loss in a row against the 30-year-old attacker of Liberec, the coach of Jablonec exaggeratedly “made amends” right on the pitch. “We had a great relationship. When Mick came … Read more

A tough stop for the coach of Liberec. He received a long penalty after attacking the referee

Traditionally, the Disciplinary Commission of the League Football Association met on Thursday to discuss the excesses of the past days and weeks. She also punished fitness coach Pavel Čvančara, who attacked Robert Hrubé and coach Všetečka in the match between Zlín and Liberec. He will miss 12 games on the bench. Fitness coach Pavel Čvančara … Read more

They are raging in Liberec. I don’t understand the referee, it was a bright red, reports Kozel

The 48th minute had just started, the North Bohemians were leading 1:0. After a long kick, visiting David Šimek lost the fight with Jan Matoušek and the ball fell into the free space. Goalkeeper Jan Šeda immediately ran out of the penalty area. However, Matoušek was at the ball earlier and pushed it past the … Read more

Liberec was knocked down by a penalty after a small home run. Skalák has a slight concussion, Hoftych said

The sixty-fourth minute was unlucky for North Bohemia. Liberec’s goalkeeper Olivier Vliegen did not succeed in kicking home against Mladá Boleslav. The ball rose high in the penalty area. He headed him to safety in front of the onrushing Jiří Skalák, but hit his hand in the head when the opponent jumped. VAR immediately sanctioned … Read more