Meloni challenged by the No Vax in Turin: “Traitor”. The leader of Fdi replies: “I’m not afraid of you”

Dispute in Piazza Castello in Turin by a group of about fifty No Vax and No Green pass on the occasion of the rally of the Fdi leader Giorgia Meloni to the cry of “traitor” and “sold”. Meloni, from the stage from which he expressed himself in support of the mayoral candidate Paolo Damilano, replied: … Read more

“10 thousand in the streets with FdI and almost no newspaper talks about it. We must be very afraid” – Libero Quotidiano

Toh, someone did not notice what happened in Rome yesterday, Saturday 18 September. What are we talking about? Soon said: del gathering of the Brothers of Italy in Piazza del Popolo to support the candidacy for mayor of Enrico Michetti. An event that gathered thousands of militants and supporters, the square was in fact crowded, … Read more

“LGBT marriages and adoptions are recognized throughout Europe”. But Lega and FdI vote against

Eleonora Mureddu September 14, 2021 12:20 pm Share Recognize “same-sex marriages” and “adults mentioned in a child’s birth certificate” as legal parents in all EU countries, including those of LGBT + couples. This is what the European Parliament asks in a resolution approved in Strasbourg. The text passed with 387 votes in favor, 161 against … Read more

Polls: Lega, Pd and FdI enclosed in just two points, M5s stable. Forza Italia goes up by 1.2% by removing votes from Salvini and Meloni

And receive three parties they all score one slight bending, remaining enclosed in less than two percentage points. The M5s remains stable as it rises Come on Italy which earns 1.2% and is rewarded with respect to the other two center-right forces. Past the month of August, these are the significant variations in the voting … Read more

Fdi: Meloni, attacks at Cesena headquarters do not scare us – Ultima Ora

(ANSA) – ROME, AUGUST 27 – “A certain left does nothing but talk about the ‘climate of hatred’ that would exist in Italy. Too often, however, it forgets or pretends not to see the continuous attacks that I and all exponents of the Brothers of Italy. The death threats that appeared with a sign posted … Read more

In the polls it is head to head between the League and the Brothers of Italy

AGI – The head-to-head between Lega and Fratelli d’Italia continues for the (virtual) palm of the country’s first party. If last week our Supermedia had photographed – for the first time in three years – the sensational overtaking of FDI, today the two competitors are perfectly matched, both with a round 20%. Of some interest … Read more

leak of news from Fdi, so the reports have become “non-existent” – Libero Quotidiano

Relations between the Lega and the Brothers of Italy would have cracked to the point of becoming “non-existent”. This is what is reported by, which cites the party’s leading sources Giorgia Meloni according to which between the latter and Matteo Salvini there was no contact after what happened on the Rai board of directors. … Read more

The EU Parliament condemns the Hungarian law against the LGBTIQ community and calls for an infringement procedure. Opposite Lega and Fdi

With a resolution, the European Parliament in plenary session a Strasbourg he condemned the recent one “with the utmost firmness” Hungarian legislation – defined as shameful by the President of the Commission, Ursula Von der Leyen – which expands the anti-pedophilia legislation and does not respect the rights of the Lgbtiq community, forbidding minors any … Read more

Polls, Meloni overtakes Salvini. For Tecné FdI it is the first party

Of polls that gave Meloni’s party close to the League several have come out in the last few weeks. But the survey just published by Tecné in collaboration with the Dire agency marks the overtaking this time. FdI in fact reaches 20.5% of the votes against 20.4 of the Carroccio. Third was the Democratic Party … Read more