“Sunday trend”: AfD falls to the lowest value since September 2017

Germany “Sunday trend” AfD falls to the lowest value since September 2017 Status: 07.06.2020 | Reading Time: 2 Minutes The AfD-politician, Alice ryegrass (l.) and Alexander Gauland in the Bundestag, the party suffers in the polls currently, losses Source: REUTERS For the fourth Time in a row, has deteriorated to the AfD in the “Sunday … Read more

CDU continues to grow – SPD loses

The corona demonstrations may give the impression that support for the CDU’s corona policy is waning. But a survey shows that the opposite is the case – dThe Union is growing again. According to a recent survey, the Union continues to grow in favor with voters. According to a survey by the Kantar Institute, the … Read more

Lürssen and German Naval Yards: Germany gets naval ship giants

economy Frigates and submarines Germany is finally getting the naval ship giant As of May 15, 2020 | Reading time: 4 minutes Dutch are now supposed to build Germany’s warships The order to build the multipurpose combat ship 180 was awarded to a consortium under Dutch leadership. Schleswig-Holstein’s Prime Minister Daniel Günther was disappointed with … Read more

Criticism of FDP politician Kemmerich after protesting corona rules

Germany Thuringia Protest against Corona rules – criticism of FDP politician Kemmerich Status: 11:25 a.m. | Reading time: 2 minutes FDP politician Kemmerich also took part in the hygiene demo Demonstrators, opponents of vaccination and conspiracy theorists have gathered all over Germany to protest against the hygiene measures. In addition to vegan chef Attila Hildmann, … Read more

Friedemann Bartu tells the story of the NZZ in “Umbruch”

Ea proud tradition, a high degree of competence and language awareness, a great independence of specialized editors, departments as autocratic principalities; Then with the collapse of the circulation and advertisements, the structural crisis, the bumpy entry into the Internet, the foundation of a Sunday newspaper, seven savings rounds and waves of redundancies, the elimination of … Read more

RTL / ntv trend barometer: Union continues to grow – to 40 percent

In the corona crisis, the CDU and CSU can continue to score in the survey values. In the current RTL / ntv trend barometer, the Union parties come to 40 percent – the highest value since August 2017. Coalition partner SPD, on the other hand, is losing approval. If the Bundestag election were to take … Read more

Corona: NRW opens emergency assistance for all occupational professionals

Düsseldorf. NRW will also assist sole providers in the assessment. Educational associations oppose the extension of emergency treatment with wages. Fs {jfifswfscåoef jo OSX sfdiofo jo efo lpnnfoefo Ubhfo ojdiu nju hs ÷ àfsfo Qspcmfnfo evsdi ejf botufifoef Fsxfjufsvoh efs Opucfusfvvoh jo efo Ljubt / ‘Xjs hfifo ojdi[bimefsCfusfvufobvt”-tbhufTufgbojfGsbol-OSXTqsfdifsjoefsHfxfsltdibgulpncb-ejftfsSfeblujpo/[bimefsCfusfvufobvt”-tbhufTufgbojfGsbol-OSXTqsfdifsjoefsHfxfsltdibgulpncb-ejftfsSfeblujpo/ Bvdi Kpzdf Bcfcsftf- Ljub.Fyqfsujo EFS Hfxfsltdibgu HFX- … Read more

Number of infected people in Germany and worldwide

Downing Street in London Foreign Minister Dominic Raab will presumably chair the cabinet meeting on Monday. (Photo: Reuters) Dusseldorf The admission of British Prime Minister Boris Johnson to the hospital has raised doubts about his ability to continue in business despite Covid 19. Johnson had been taken to a London hospital for precautionary testing on … Read more

SPD in poll again for the first time in front of the Greens

Do you benefit from the corona crisis? For the first time in a year and a half, the SPD in Germany is again in second place in a survey – and thus ahead of the Greens. In the RTL / ntv “Trend Barometer”, the SPD has moved past the Greens in second place for the … Read more