Trentino health care, fearful waiting lists, and the Province continues to pay private individuals (here’s how to get reimbursed for visits) – Health and Wellness

TRENTO. Is the waiting list for a specialist visit too long in the public? The reimbursement for private visits goes on for another six months, until the end of the year. A sort of “surrender” of public health after two years of pandemic that have put the services, already struggling with the shortage of doctors, … Read more

The veil of mystery in the pig heart transplanted to humans is being lifted! Science world’s fearful dream may come true

In January, a groundbreaking surgery was performed in the USA. A pig heart was transplanted to a dying patient named David Bennett, and Bennet died after 2 months. A VIRUS FOUND The world of science, which does research on the event that made the whole world happy and then sad, is investigating what killed Bennett. … Read more

Parents’ worst nightmare! 5 important mistakes to avoid

Another important point that parents are worried about in high fever is that they think that their child will have a seizure and as a result, permanent damage to the brain will occur. Contrary to popular belief, however, only 4 percent of children aged 6 months to 5 years develop convulsions in febrile conditions. Simple … Read more

Fearful economic support program faces obstacles / Article

Meanwhile, the state of Virginia is holding governor elections, which are also considered a vote of confidence in the current president. Congressmen are demanding a change in the plan The impressive $ 3.5 trillion social safety net and infrastructure support program, proposed by US President Biden in its first year of operation, underpins his domestic … Read more