Sébastien Delorme featured in the daily “Indéfendable” at TVA

Sébastien Delorme will be at the heart of the intrigues ofIndefensible, the TVA daily news broadcast starting next fall. • Read also: This season will be the last of “District 31” The channel had been trying for several years to put daily fiction on the air. Pixcom, in collaboration with Quebecor Content, is producing this … Read more

Sébastien Delorme featured in the daily Indéfendable on TVA

Sébastien Delorme will be at the heart of the intrigues of “Indéfendable”, TVA’s daily news broadcast starting next fall. The channel had been seeking for several years to put on the air a daily fiction. It is Pixcom, in collaboration with Quebecor Content, which produces this forensic series based on the original idea of ​​criminal … Read more

Four years in prison for dealing bodybuilder from reality series: “My mother’s death caused a snowball effect” (Antwerp)

Gaêtan V. was seen together with his girlfriend Cristina S. in ‘Free love paradise’. — © vtm Reality star Gaêtan V. (32) from Antwerp has been sentenced by the criminal court to four years in prison, half of which with postponement as the key figure of a drug network in the Waasland and Antwerp. The … Read more

Rob’s daughter was murdered: “From such an atrocity you fall into a meter-deep well”

Rob van de Velde, the father of the murdered Ichelle (29), talks about the difficult year after the death of his daughter. — © DBA, RR Day to day a year ago, an eleven-week search for the body of his murdered and mutilated daughter Ichelle (29) started for Antwerp resident Rob van de Velde in … Read more

Telegram Featured Features Better than WhatsApp

Telegram has several excellent features that are better than its rival messaging apps, one of which is WhatsApp (WA). As we know, both Telegram and WA are messaging applications that have some of the same features. The two applications are now apparently many who use it. Even for short messages and calls WhatsApp still excels. … Read more

Nightly checks at eleven addresses after an explosion in Turnhout, Berchemse testifies: “Fortunately, our gas stove was in order” (Berchem)

The nighttime control in Berchem. — ©  RR Berchem – The judicial investigation shows that the cause of the heavy gas explosion in the Boeren Krijglaan in Turnhout on New Year’s Eve may have been an incorrect installation of the gas tap. The company in question is also said to have installed gas fires in … Read more

Antwerper leaves for Canada with only guts and comes back with a super deal: “The first container will leave soon” (Antwerp)

Bart Dobbelaere with one of his low-calorie sauces. — © Jan Van der Perre He left with nothing in his pockets, except for some clothes and a good dose of perseverance, and look: a four thousand kilometer road trip later, former Antwerp fitness shop owner Bart Dobbelaere has a deal with three thousand stores to … Read more

Thirty-year-old dies in head-on collision, second victim (18) in critical condition: “The whole street was a mess” (Sint-Katelijne-Waver)

© KVRO A 33-year-old man from Putte died on New Year’s Day in a head-on collision on the Berlaarbaan in Onze-Lieve-Vrouw-Waver (Sint-Katelijne-Waver). An 18-year-old girl from Sint-Katelijne-Waver was taken to hospital with life-threatening injuries. Cis Menargues was in the street at the time of the accident and rushed to the victims. “The whole street was … Read more

10 Featured Cars To Be Introduced In 2021

Year 2020 Motor Shows around the world which is considered the main stage in the introduction of new cars Manufacturers are facing the problem of the COVID-19 outbreak that makes it impossible to hold events on-site, and in 2021, even though the overall situation of the epidemic begins to improve But many jobs still choose … Read more

Why Antwerp cannot swallow the crowds, according to mobility expert Kris Peeters: “The car is not discouraged” (Antwerp)

© Jan Van der Perre Antwerp is finding it difficult to cope with the hustle and bustle of recent days due to the influx of Dutch shopping. Trains are overcrowded and traffic in the city center is deadlocked. Mobility expert Kris Peeters sees it with sadness: “Business in the city should be a pleasure, but … Read more