Don’t dare, sir. I’ll ask Ferdy Sambo

Friday, 25 November 2022 – 20:10 WIB VIVA National – Former Head of Unit I Subdit III Directorate of General Crime Bareskrim PoliceAKBP Ari Cahya Nugraha or Cay admitted that he did not dare to ask Freddy Sambo question CCTV who was in his house after the shooting of Brigadier Yosua occurred. This was said … Read more

ART Ferdy Sambo Found His Employer Crying After Shooting Brigadier J, Kodir Expressed His Fear

AYOJAKARTA.COM – Homicides Brigadier J allegedly committed by Freddy Sambo still a puzzle. Known after the occurrence of bloody events that killed Brigadier J, Kodir ART Freddy Sambo get the order to call Redwan Soplanet to the scene of the incident. Diryyanto or Kodir presented at trial Freddy Sambo in murder Brigadier J which was … Read more

New Facts Revealed! Ridwan Soplanit admits that he met Ferdy Sambo through the back door of the TKP, why?

AYOJAKARTA.COM – Follow-up trial of the case premeditated murder Brigadier J was held again at the South Jakarta District Court after being postponed for a week. The trial which took place Monday (21/11/2022) presented three defendants in the murder case Brigadier J that is Richard Eliezer, Ricky Rizal and Maruf strong. Not only that, the … Read more

Ferdy Sambo Can Be Charged with Money Laundering Crime, Here’s the Expert’s Explanation

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – The former Head of the Professional and Security Division of the National Police, Inspector General Ferdy Sambo, is considered to be charged with the alleged crime of money laundering (TPPU). TPPU legal expert Yenti Garnasih assessed that the accounts of two of Sambo’s aides, Brigadier Nofriansyah Yosua Hutabarat and Bripka Ricky Rizal … Read more

Lawyers asked the prosecutor to show CCTV to prove the type of gun and gloves belonging to Ferdy Sambo

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Legal authority Freddy SamboArman Hanis, asked the public prosecutor (JPU) to show CCTV footage to prove the gun his client dropped was HS, including proving his client’s accusation of wearing gloves. “We actually expect the prosecutor to show CCTV in today’s investigation so that it can be clear which weapon fell, what … Read more

Putri Candrawati Satisfies Her Desires Through Brondong Gathering After Separation from Home with Ferdy Sambo? Fact Check

LENGKONG, AYOBANDUNG.COM – Daughter of Candrawati allegedly satisfied wish past brondong arisan after every week separate house with Freddy Sambo, Is it true? Check the following facts. Daughter of Candrawati suspect murder Brigadier J often becomes a lot of public attention, especially he who still insists on being a victim of sexual harassment by his … Read more

Photos of Nikita Willy & Ferdy Sambo to 31 Personalities of the Red Kebaya Cast

Jakarta, Insertlive – 1. An old photo of Nikita Willy’s meeting with Ferdy Sambo is highlighted An old photo of actress Nikita Willy with Ferdy Sambo, the perpetrator of the murder of Brigadier J, is back in the public spotlight. In the photo, Nikita poses with Sambo, his mother, and Deputy Chief of Police, Komjen … Read more

Ferdy Sambo Finds the Flow of Funds to Police Officials in the Ismail Bolong Case

Jakarta – The Propam Polri Division, under the leadership of Ferdy Sambo, once investigated an illegal mining case controlled by Ismail Bolong. Based on the results of the investigation, it was found that there was a flow of funds to Polri officials. Reported detikX Tuesday (15/11/2022), Ismail Bolong was summoned and examined by the Paminal … Read more

Susi Lies and Uses Handsfree at the Ferdy Sambo Trial? This is what Elza Syarif said

LENGKONG, AYOBANDUNG.COM – The panel of judges and prosecutors doubted the testimony of the household assistant (ART) Ferdy Sambo and Princess Candrawati, namely Susi and Kodir in court. The judge also threatened Susi and Kodir will be punished because their statements seem to lie in the trial of Brigadier J’s murder case with the defendant … Read more

Susi’s hilarious actions in court make people laugh, what the heck did ART Ferdy Sambo do?

Jakarta – At the follow-up trial defendant Brigadier RR or Ricky Rizal in a murder case Brigadier J or Nofriansyah Yosua Hutabarat there was a moment that made the audience in the courtroom laugh take action Susi. Action funny Susi in Court Makes People Laugh, What’s She Doing ART Ferdy Sambo that? This is because … Read more