From Intesa to Ferrero, on smart working companies in no particular order

It could be defined as the Babel of smart working. Each company adopts a different system, thanks to the state of emergency still in place. On the other hand, there are companies that are pushing, after the massive vaccination campaign, for a return to the office. Sudden changes of address that led to protests, as … Read more

Century XIX: “Ferrero in Dubai to record the Beijing Express”

Ilovepalermocalcio editorial staff Today’s edition of “Il Secolo XIX” reported an indiscretion on the president of Sampdoria Massimo Ferrero. Absent for both the match against Torino and the home match against Bologna, will return from Dubai today. The Dorian number one stayed there all week for work commitments, but not only. The indiscretion that Ferrero … Read more

The Rocher in chocolate bar format are coming: here is the new challenge of Ferrero

After entering the world of packaged ice cream, the Ferrero group launches a new Rocher product by entering the chocolate bar market, which will involve not only Italy but also Europe and other countries in the course of 2022. A market which overall – considering large retailers, discount stores and traditional channels – is worth … Read more

The Ferrero Rocher becomes a tablet: landing on a market worth over half a billion euros

Ferrero Rocher, one of the most famous chocolates in the world, also becomes a tablet. A new version, the third for the delicacy created in 1982 by the confectionery giant of Alba, after entering the world of packaged ice cream in recent months. Starting from October, the tablet will be on the market in all … Read more

From Ferrero and Loro Piana awards of 2,200 and 3,380 euros to employees for the objectives achieved

Reward your employees and encourage them to work better, recognizing their value and commitment. To do this, in addition to verbal commendations, there are production awards. These are remuneration bonuses to individual employees paid by choice of the employer or, in some cases, provided for by the national collective bargaining agreement for the achievement of … Read more

«Finally at Sampdoria. Ferrero? I have to say something “

Daniele Faggiano shows up at Sampdoria: the statements of the Sampdoria sporting director – VIDEO Daniele Faggiano, new sporting director of Sampdoria, It shows up. The words released to the official Sampdoria media. SAMPDORIA – «This adventure at Sampdoria is finally starting. It was a long time. I have to thank Ferrero because he wanted … Read more

Ferrero insults a journalist during the presentation of D’Aversa. Harsh reaction from Ussi (VIDEO)

Massimo Ferrero The president of Sampdoria, Massimo Ferrero, insulted the journalist Renzo Parodi, this morning in Marassi in the press room of the stadium, just before the presentation of the coach Roberto D’Aversa. Ferrero allegedly heavily disputed the content of an article on the sale of Sampdoria published on USSI reacted immediately with a … Read more

Jeff Bezos richest man in the world. In Italy on the podium is Giovanni Ferrero

The richest man in the world Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon: his net worth is 187 billion dollars. Microsoft founder Bill Gates ($ 121 billion) and Facebook owner Mark Zuckerberg ($ 102 billion) follow. As has been the case for years, the podium of the global Scrooge Scrooge, as represented by the Bloomberg Billionaires … Read more

Here are the richest men in the world according to Bloomberg: Ferrero is the first Italian. And the pandemic pushes Jeff Bezos’ fortune

He boss di Amazon Jeff Bezos he knows no crisis and is confirmed as the scrounger of the world with a fortune of 187 billion dollars, also increased by the push toe-commerce during the pandemic of coronavirus. In second place – second Bloomberg Billionaires Index, who photographs the 500 richest people to the world – … Read more

Nicolas Ferrero about to join Benjamin Samat on the set of LMvsMonde5? He is at worst on this video

Carla Moreau eliminated from the Marseillais vs the rest of the World 5, Manon Marsault would have something to do with it! And as after each departure, there is an arrival … To respect the hygiene measures put in place by the production, the candidates who are likely to enter the competition are placed in … Read more