Nubia launches the fictional RedMagic 7 Series phone.. Super capabilities for gamers

You are now following the news of Nubia launches the fictional RedMagic 7 Series phone.. Super capabilities for gamers and now with details Riyadh – Ahmed Salah – Those who love gaming on their smartphones know how difficult it can be to find a device that can actually carry games without delaying every step. With … Read more

Announced Evil Next Door – survival simulator in the panel jungle of the fictional post-Soviet city of Ensk

Developers from the independent studio Ensk have announced Evil Next Door, a survival sim set in the fictional post-Soviet city of Ensk. Image Source: Steam The main character will need to survive during the epidemic, which turned all the inhabitants of the city into monsters. The player will have to collect equipment, cook food, and … Read more

The fortune of the star of Tash, the artist Abdullah Al-Sadhan, caused an unprecedented uproar.. You will not believe the fictional number!

2022/04/10 It’s 03:40 AM Island Bay | Follow Favorite There is no disagreement that artists and actors from Saudi Arabia have a large fan base that makes their work popular in all Gulf countries. And all of these businesses that they participated in led to their wide spread, as well as very large sums of … Read more

The passionate kiss of Lola and Lorenzo at the end of the successful fictional strip of La 1-5/18

On Friday night it was broadcast on the screen of eltrece the final chapter from the hit strip Polka The 1-5/18 and Lola and Father Lorenzo they had to talk After the character of Agustina Cherri and the one of Esteban Lamothe they gave themselves a passionate kiss, social networks exploded with this fictitious couple. … Read more

Fictional love? Karin from Svadba answered if they are still together with Dušan!

3rd series of shows Wedding at a glance started in early March, but filming took months back. Therefore, many people are definitely wondering if the couple Karin and Dušan are still grumbling. And not only that! Each year, a group of spectators emerges who do not fully believe the story on the screens. The sympathetic … Read more

He wanted to become Someone. But Bowie’s success was brought about by the fictional character Ziggy

Loving father, cool mother David didn’t have a happy childhood. Father John loved him, but mother Peggy told her husband that their marriage was common sense. There was an emotional chasm between them. And so the boy – as David Bowie’s documentary: The Road to Fame said – had to be careful, because if he … Read more

India is attacking China for “fictional” names in the disputed region

India and China are arguing over several stretches of their borders. Relations deteriorated sharply following the June 2020 incident between Ladakh and Tibet, which killed 20 Indian soldiers. Following the incident, both sides deployed an additional thousands of troops and military equipment in the region, and a series of rounds of talks failed to ease … Read more

The first category is 243 thousand.. The price of the 2022 Peugeot 301 in Egypt and its fictional specifications after the update

The French brand “Peugeot” revealed its latest cars in the Egyptian markets and countries around the world, which is the 2022 Peugeot 301 model, which is currently available in all exhibitions contracted with the Peugeot agency. Once you see the new car and its modern design, many car lovers and those who are interested in … Read more

False statements, fictional corruption. Slovakia is driven by a major police scandal

On Tuesday, the Slovak prosecutor accused the interim head of the police inspectorate, Peter Scholtz, who had been detained on Monday, of abusing his powers and obstructing justice. All four detained investigators of the elite NAKA police unit are also facing prosecution, according to the press in connection with their procedure in investigating one criminal … Read more