False invoices, the prosecutors ask to condemn De Laurentiis and Galliani: “Fictitious operations charged to the teams”

Prosecutors asked to convict Aurelio Of Laurentiis e Adriano Galliani for false invoicing in the trial that was taking place at the Court of Naples. Ten years after the start of the investigation and after four trials, the prosecution requests arrived: one year for the patron of the Napoli13 months for the CEO of the … Read more

Gojek Doesn’t Respond To Complaints Of Toll Fees And Fictitious Parking

I am a Gojek user, who have used Gojek services about 6/7 years ago. Apart from this application, I am also active in several other similar applications, especially service providers online transport and online food. On October 4, 2022, we used GoCar services, with order numbers RB-140635-4310715 and Gojek Partners (driver) on behalf of Re** … Read more

CLICK EXCLUSIVE ⟩ “We fear what lies ahead.” The fictitious referendum circus in Kherson

TVNET’s online magazine KLIK offers an exclusive insight into life in Kherson after the Russian occupation. This is the third part of the publication, which was made by communicating with a Kherson woman living underground, whose name we must not disclose. So, about 10 polling stations are considered open in the city, almost all of … Read more

Fictitious wages, substandard housing, false promises: a Belgian company found guilty of human trafficking (video)

This morning, in Brussels, a hundred undeclared workers came to demonstrate in front of the office of Hilde Crevits, the Flemish Minister for Employment. 138 workers who were recognized as victims of human trafficking, although a Belgian company had guaranteed them optimal conditions for employment in our country. “This is the biggest case of economic … Read more

Bankruptcy SAS orders fictitious battery plane – Document

In a press release SAS reports that they have placed an order for two electric ES-30 aircraft from Swedish Heart Aerospace, which they hope to put into operational use in 2028. At the same time, Heart Aerospace itself reports that they have included Air Canada and Saab as shareholders. The climate-focused management in Widerøe has … Read more

ACT Allegedly Using Boeing Funds Rp 10 Billion Paying Debt Using Fictitious Work Mode

Jakarta – The Dittipideksus Bareskrim Polri found an alleged flow of Rp 10 billion in Boeing donations to the Aksi Cepat Tanggap Foundation (ACT) which is instead used to pay debts. The money was allegedly used in a fictitious cooperation mode. Karo Penmas Divhumas Polri Brigadier General Ahmad Ramadhan said the cooperation was related to … Read more

Olivia Nathania was sentenced to 3.5 years in prison for a fictitious civil servant case, got relief because of this

Hops.ID – Olivia Nathania which is Nia Daniaty’s child got a claim of 3 years 6 months imprisonment related fictitious civil servant cases. This is known from the reading of the demands of the Public Prosecutor (JPU) in a trial held at the South Jakarta District Court (PN) on Monday, March 14, 2022. The total … Read more

Counterfeiters of PCR Test Results and Antigens Arrested, Own Input to PeduliProtect Using Fictitious Doctors and Clinics All Pages

TANGERANG, KOMPAS.com – Police arrested four suspects in the case of falsifying certificates of PCR and antigen test results in the Soekarno-Hatta Airport area, Tangerang City, Wednesday (23/2/2022). Of the four suspects, two of them with the initials MSF and S are Aviation Security (Avsec) officers at Soekarno-Hatta Airport. Suspect HF is also a worker … Read more

Scam via fictitious model agencies in Belgium: police seek to identify a woman

At the request of Madam investigating judge Zidelmal in Charleroi, the police asked us to distribute this wanted notice. Since the start of 2019, fictitious agencies have been posting videos on Facebook to recruit future models. Agencies contact victims through Messenger. As part of this massive scam, investigators seek to identify this woman who is … Read more