Ladeni China, Taiwan Fighter Jet Landing Exercise on the Road

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — Taiwan hold practice fighter jet who landed on the makeshift runway on the highway, Wednesday (15/9). This exercise is called to face China if they destroy the air base. Taiwan’s President, Tsai Ing-wen, said such skills are necessary if China ever attacks and targets the island. “Excellent combat skills and such … Read more

The sky of Syria is the witness, the Su-35 targeted by Indonesia is able to drive away Israeli fighter planes without even touching them Step Indonesia to buy fighter jet Sukhoi Su-35 got a lot of threats from United States of America (AS). sukhoi fighter jet Su-35 coveted Indonesia from Russia has many advantages that can make the country its owner respected. Reported from TASS, the ability to carry a large number of missiles is an advantage … Read more

19 Planes Including Chinese Nuclear Bombers Attack Taiwan’s ADIZ

loading… TAIPEI – A total of 19 aircraft, including nuclear-capable bombers, China raid the Air Defense Identification Zone (ADIZ) Taiwan , Sunday. Not accepting the attack, Taipei deployed several fighter jets. Taiwan’s Defense Ministry said China’s latest mission involved 10 J-16 fighter jets, four Su-30s, four H-6 bombers that can carry nuclear bombs, and an … Read more

Index – Domestic – Here is the answer to why fighter jets were towed over Budapest

In many capitals, it may have occurred on Wednesday why fighter jets flew over Budapest five days after the August 20 ceremony. Those who are more eyed may have guessed that the aerial demonstration at the weekend in Kecskemét for International Aviation Day and Military Technology Demonstration it has to do with it, but if … Read more

Alert! Neighboring Republic of Indonesia Prepares to Wholesale ‘Stealth’ Fighter Jets

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – The ‘stealth’ fighter jet race in Southeast Asia is inevitable. After Singapore, Vietnam is often referred to as a country interested in stealth fighter jets, namely the twin-engine Su-57 and single-engine Su-75 which were recently launched by Russia. Currently in ASEAN, the country that definitely has stealth fighter jets is Singapore. … Read more

Malaysia Cs Late, When RI Arrives To Buy This Fighter Jet

Jakarta, CNBC Indonesia – Several countries in Southeast Asia are rejuvenating their fighter jets, including Indonesia. However, so far from the circulating plans, the choice of Indonesian fighter jets is considered more capable. Currently, the Indonesian government has started a commitment to purchase 36 Rafale fighter jets from France, which are two-engine multi-role fighter jets. … Read more

Appearing Tomorrow, Russian Checkmate Stealth Fighter Jets Competitors for the US F-35 Makes Curious

loading… MOSCOW – Russia will open the International Aviation and Space Salon 2021 or MAKS 2021 aerospace exhibition on Tuesday (20/7/2021) tomorrow. The stealth fighter jet is dubbed the Checkmate, which is similar and claimed to be a competitor United States F-35 (USA), will be displayed. On the eve of the exhibition day, the Russian … Read more

Tensions with China, US Will Deploy 25 F-22 Jets to the Pacific

Jakarta, CNN Indonesia — air Force United States of America will exert 25 fighter jet stealth F-22s to the western Pacific for training this month. The US Air Force base in Hawaii this week said about 25 F-22 Raptors from the Hawaii Air National Guard, Alaska Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson will be deployed to the islands … Read more

Russia Tests 320 Types of Weapons in Syria, Its Weapons Business Secrets Selling Well

loading… MOSCOW – Military Russia tested more than 320 types of weapons during their operations in Syria . The statement was made by the Russian Minister of Defense (Menhan) Sergei Shoigu, reported by the Russian News Agency (TASS). “We examined more than 320 different types of weapons, including, by the way, your helicopter,” Shoigu said … Read more

China Fails to Sell Its Fighter Jets Allegedly Because It Often Fights With Other Countries

loading… BEIJING – China has made great strides in increasing the country’s aerospace technology base, particularly in the military field. This country has made a variety of fighter jets such as the J-10, J-10C, FC-31, to the J-20 stealth fighter. For decades, China’s growth as a fighter export power was inevitable. Also read: This is … Read more