On Saturday, the noise of fighter jets may break the silence in several parts of the country

The fighter jets of the Hungarian Defense Forces will be performing flight tasks during daylight hours on Saturday, so more noise should be expected in several counties, according to a statement sent to MTI by the Ministry of Defense. According to information An increased sound effect is expected in the area of ​​Bács-Kiskun, Veszprém, Hajdú-Bihar … Read more

The fighter flew directly into the audience. Air shows have never known a worse disaster

It was a beautiful summer day and the spectators breathlessly watched the amazing performances of the elite of the Ukrainian Air Force: the Ukrainian Falcons. It was an aerobatic demonstration team of the best fighter pilots of the Ukrainian Air Force, who demonstrated their skills at the Sknyliv airport on Sukhoi Su-27 fighters, which Ukraine … Read more

Get to know the specifications of the French-made Dassault Rafale fighter jet

loading… Get to know the specifications of the French-made Dassault Rafale fighter jet. PHOTO/Reuters PARIS – French known as one of the world-class fighter aircraft manufacturers. Jet-jet tempur This state-made product is often the target of many countries and is used by militaries from various parts of the world, including Indonesia. One of the superior … Read more

harassed by 29 Chinese planes including nuclear bombers, Taiwan deploys fighter jets and missile systems

loading… The Taipei military deployed a number of fighter jets after 29 Chinese military aircraft broke through Taiwan’s ADIZ. Photo/REUTERS/Illustration TAIPEI – A total of 29 military aircraft China including bombers (bomber) nuclear, break through the defense identification zone (ADIZ) Taiwan on Tuesday. The Taipei military rushed to deploy a number of fighter jets and … Read more

3 Sophisticated Weapons that Ukraine Wants from the US to Make Russia Surrender and Defeat

ZONAJAKARTA.com – Although it has received a lot of weapons assistance from the West, especially the US, but Ukraine apparently aiming for three weapon advanced. Since the beginning of the war against Russia, Ukraine has received weapons assistance from various international world. Unmitigated, value weapon received Ukraine so fantastic. Also Read: China is smart to … Read more

KF-21 Boramae 4.5 Generation fighter jet ready for maiden flight

GridHot.ID – KF-21 Boramae is fighter jet developed by South Korea. KF-21 Boramae reported ready to do inaugural flightmarks a big step South Korea to produce 4.5 generation aircraft. According to the Eurasian Times, six flight prototypes and two rescue prototypes KF-21 Boramae currently used to conduct ground tests, according to a report published by … Read more

The Ministry of Defense has issued a mysterious announcement

The Gripen of the army has had to be alerted several times in recent days, now writing about “unidentified aircraft” and unnamed “signs.” “The Gripen was also alerted on Sunday morning. An unidentified aircraft was signaled by radar on the morning of April 10, so the Hungarian Air Defense Service issued an alert and ordered … Read more

Warning! The Threat of Nuclear War Is Getting Real, Russia flies 4 Bombers to Sweden: Intimidation

ZONAJAKARTA.com – Conflict Russia and Ukraine began to widen, and spread toward nuclear. Russia which since February 24 has carried out attacks on Ukraine now preparing for something even bigger. There is a threat of nuclear war starting from an invasion Ukraine showing more and more signs. Also Read: Disputing Over South China Sea, Malaysian … Read more

Bringing fighter jets with nuclear weapons and violating the air border, does Russia really want to scare Sweden?

ZONAJAKARTA.com – In the midst of tension between Russia and Ukraineduo fighter jet Moscow reportedly crossed airspace Sweden. Duo fighter jet Russia violating the airspace Sweden reportedly equipped with weapons nuclear. Reported from Eurasian Timesnews channel Sweden TV4 Nyheterna assesses deployment fighter jet as well as weapons nuclear it is an act intended to intimidate … Read more

Having a Super Dangerous J-20, Malaysian Media Asks RMAF’s Readiness to ‘Face’ China

ZONAJAKARTA.com -Issues related to the Sea China The South in recent years has been a hot topic to discuss. With Beijing’s unilateral acknowledgment of the Sea China South is the reason. Especially in the ASEAN region itself, a unilateral claim China it has violated the sovereignty of many countries such as Malaysia. Also Read: Russia … Read more