Jennifer Lopez shows off her perfect figure on a luxury mega yacht..with pictures

The world star died​Jennifer LopezHave fun on a luxury yacht “Mega” on her European vacation between Italy, Monte Calo and St Tropez.Jennifer posted two new photos on the mega yacht on her social networking site.The yacht that Jennifer Lopez was on is worth $130 million and includes very luxurious details.The 52-year-old showed off her figure … Read more

Look at the rabbit figure, Pannipa after being ambush to give birth to a baby

Another hot topic worldwide hot topic for a young singer. “Rabbit-Pannipa Khiaophet” Being accused of ambush giving birth to a child until she was heavily criticized that her “manager” was the child’s father. until later The rabbit already knows the news. not stressful but worried about the people around him and asked him to come … Read more

Biostatistician is optimistic, despite rising corona figure…

©  Dirk Vertommen No less than 93 percent of all Dutch blood donors have antibodies against the corona virus. And according to experts, we can also count on similar figures in Belgium. If the vast majority are protected, why are our numbers still rising? “We are at a tipping point,” says biostatistician Tom Wenseleers. “My … Read more

Facebook posts revenue of $ 29.1 billion in Q2

By the 29 Jul 2021 07:37 Facebook on Wednesday reported revenue of nearly $ 29.1 billion for the three months ended June 30, a 56% jump from the same period last year when online advertising has taken a hit as businesses grapple with the Covid-19 pandemic. The company also more than doubled its quarterly profit, … Read more

Profile of John Sadrak Karamoy, Oil Figure Who Aspires to Be a Soldier

TEMPO.CO, Jakarta – Founder of PT Medco Energi John Sadrak Karamoy died today, Wednesday, July 28, 2021. He died at 00.24 WIB at the age of 84 at Siloam TB Simatupang Hospital, South Jakarta. At that time, the alumnus of the Bandung Institute of Technology said that the job was not the profession he wanted … Read more

Who is the figure of Akidi Tio who donated IDR 2 T to deal with COVID-19?

Jakarta – Donation of IDR 2 trillion from the family of the deceased entrepreneur Akidi Tio make the public spotlight on the figure of the entrepreneur. The trillions of rupiah grants were given to help deal with COVID-19. Akidi’s family doctor, Hardi Dermawan finally revealed the figure of Akidi. He is an entrepreneur in the … Read more

This is Cristiano Ronaldo’s replacement figure at Juventus: Okezone Bola

TURIN – Juventus already found the projected figure to replace the position Cristiano Ronaldo in front of the Old Lady. The figure in question is the striker belonging to the Santos club, Kaio Jorge. For your information, two Italian League clubs, Juventus and AC Milan, had competed for the 19-year-old striker. Moreover, Kaio Jorge’s contract … Read more

Top Australian Military Figure Says US Can Lose War Against China

loading… CANBERRA – One of Canberra’s top military figures has given a serious warning about the true threat posed China against Australia. He judged the military United States of America (US) is currently weakening and could lose if it fights against China. Former Australian Army major general and current Liberal senator, Jim Molan, told 4BC … Read more

The 21-year-old archery girl at the Tokyo Olympics has a sweet smile and is called “Cupid, God of Love”-People-cnBeta.COM

The Tokyo Olympics is underway. In addition to being complained by countless netizens, there are also many high-value athletes that have become popular on the Internet. Today I will share with you the 21-year-old Colombian archery athlete Valentina Acosta Giraldo, who has been scanning all major platforms. The sweet smile like an angel has been … Read more

Becoming a Candidate for the Queen of Brunei Darussalam, this is the figure of Sarah Salleh who married at the age of 17 years – Figure Sarah Salleh | known as candidate for queen of the kingdom Brunei Darussalam. Sarah Salleh is the wife of the Crown Prince of Brunei Darussalam, Al-Muhtadee Billah. As a future queen, Sarah Salleh is often in the spotlight. Not only that, Sarah Salleh is known to have a series of achievements. Sarah … Read more